Impending Apple iPhone 6S sparks campaign from 6S Marketing

6S Marketing just reached out to me (again) to make sure I’m aware of its campaign–‪#‎WeAre6S–to convince Apple not to use the name iPhone 6S for its next smartphone model. I am aware. In fact, I tweeted about it yesterday.

The #WeAre6S campaign doesn’t stop at pitching tech media. 6S Marketing has put up a billboard in New York City’s Times Square and parked a billboard truck in front of Apple’s flagship glass cube Apple Store imploring Apple to please use the name iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6S.

The email from 6S Marketing President Chris Breikss ended with “Please let me know what you think!”

So I did. I realize the campaign is a farce, but since he asked for my thoughts I decided to share. Here is my response:

Thanks. I’m aware of the campaign. I tweeted about it yesterday.

Personally, I think it’s equal parts brilliant marketing and completely ridiculous.

There is absolutely zero chance of a device called an iPhone 6S having any impact on 6S Marketing as a brand. Nobody will confuse the two or think they’re related in any way. The calls for Apple to forego its established naming convention practice and jump straight to iPhone 7 is also ironic from the perspective that there is also at least one company called 7 Marketing which would ostensibly be in the same boat…if the name of the iPhone actually mattered at all to the name of a marketing company.

As a marketing stunt, though, I applaud your effort to capitalize on the intense demand and media coverage of the Apple Event and the expected launch of the iPhone 6S to gain massive exposure for your company. Yesterday I had never heard of your company, but thanks to your campaign—as silly as I think it is—I won’t soon forget about 6S Marketing.

Thanks and Take Care–

Tony Bradley

Note: To be fair–Chris Briekss and 6S Marketing admit this is a marketing stunt aimed at promoting 6S Marketing. It doesn’t really want or expect Apple to change the name of the iPhone 6S. Breikss responded to my email stating, “Thanks, Tony. Yes, it’s pretty transparent what we we’re trying to do here :)”

As far as marketing campaigns go, the #WeAre6S effort is pretty solid. A company looking for a marketing firm to help with brand exposure might want to give serious consideration to 6S Marketing. It has effectively capitalized on the Apple Event media frenzy and the expected unveiling of the iPhone 6S to put itself in the global spotlight. Perhaps it can do the same for your company or brand.

Meanwhile, most of the attention is still focused on breathless rumors and rampant speculation about the upcoming Apple Event, and what we know or don’t know about the new iPhone or Apple TV.

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  1. This is one of my favorite campaigns of all time. I love your smart commentary on it and love that it was created by VCU Brandcenter alumni working at TBWA/Media Arts Lab. Cheers to them for understanding the smartest way to propel a great brand like Apple is to showcase the amazing people using it.

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