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How You Can Stop Yourself from Becoming an Online Casino Bonus Abuser

There’s a good reason why online casinos offer generous bonuses to prospective and present players as these bonuses attract their attention and encourage them to play more games. These bonuses are a great way for players to leverage the benefits offered by the online casino and use them to their advantage. Always remember that for the bonus to be valid, you need to make sure you get it before it expires.

Bonuses can sometime turn into a double-edged sword, however, for both the players and the casino. And with tougher regulations, things can get even more confusing for both parties. While most players use bonuses according to the terms and conditions laid out, there are some players who use them unscrupulously. These players are tagged as bonus abusers by the casino and unfortunately there are many bonus abusers who give the rest a bad reputation.

Unfortunately, there are also players who are labelled as bonus abusers due to making mistakes in interpreting bonus rules or simply misunderstanding the bonus terms and conditions. This puts them at a disadvantage as they get classified as bonus abusers and can end up getting their accounts suspended and their funds confiscated by the casino.

You don’t want to be labelled as a bonus abuser just because you misunderstood things. Here’s how to you can avoid getting tagged as a bonus abuser and being lumped in with actual bonus abusers.

Don’t Open Multiple Accounts at The Same Casino

Many players create multiple accounts at the same online casino with the intention of claiming the welcome bonus and other special offers and promotions more than once. This is usually done by players who end up using different email addresses in an attempt to con the casino.

This is a clear violation of the terms and conditions outlined by the casino and violators will be penalized for it. Players need to understand that the casino has different ways to identify players who are using multiple accounts and one such way is to review each player’s IP address. The casino will flag a player’s account when it determines that more than one account is being logged in from a single IP address.

So, what happens when your family member or friend logs in to his or her account from your computer? Don’t worry about his because you will generally be given an opportunity to explain the situation before the casino takes action!

Don’t Claim the Same Bonus More than Once

Most bonuses can be used just once by each player. But some players will claim the same bonus more than once—a clear violation of the rules. The casino usually picks up on this sooner or later and brands the player as a bonus abuser. There are cases when a player manages to slip through the security measures and get the same bonus twice.

You may think you actually managed to fool the casino but don’t get your hopes up. The online casino will soon flag your account and penalties will be imposed, which usually include confiscation of your bonus money and its associated prizes, if any.

Do Comply With Wagering Requirements

Every casino has mandatory rollover criteria about the withdrawal of bonus funds. As a player, you should be aware and comply with these rollover requirements since failure to do so will likely result in your account being suspended.

If you do not meet the wagering requirements and try to withdraw your bonus funds, you will fail to get the necessary approval. You will most likely get banned from the site because the casino will determine that you’re an untrustworthy player.

Are you having difficulty in figuring out the rollover requirement? You have two choices: you can use the bonus tracker provided by the casino to figure things out, or you can contact customer support and clarify your concerns.

Don’t Make Large Bets With The Bonus Money

Keep in mind that bonus money is provided by the casino so that players can bet on different games and determine which ones they like best. This usually applies to the welcome bonus while other bonuses, such as free spins may only apply to specific games. The bonus money isn’t offered so that a player can bet most or all of it on a single game.

But this is exactly what some players do and it’s against the terms and conditions. This can result in a player being branded as a bonus abuser.

Before you place bets on any game, be sure to check the game’s maximum allowed bet and read the terms and conditions that govern the bonus offer you intend to use. Also remember that the slots’ Gamble feature are counted as bets so whatever bet placed at slots will not be classified as part of the rollover requirement. The bottom line: Don’t use your bonus money on the Gamble feature!

Use Your Bonus Money Only on Eligible Games

There are some games where free bonus money cannot be used as betting money. This is due to the fact that you have a higher chance of winning at these games and the casino does not want to give you free money to play these games. This is why bonus offers are usually restricted to selective online games and players must only use their money bonus on these specified games. While most casinos have security measures to restrict the types of games where bonus money can be used, it isn’t always the case.

You shouldn’t exploit the loophole—if you find one—because the online casino will soon find out and end up penalizing you for breaching its terms. The best way to ensure that you use your bonus money on the correct games is to ensure you take the time read the terms and conditions carefully. While it can be a bit boring, it will prevent you from violating the online casino’s rules and being labelled as a bonus abuser.

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