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The Project Management Institute (PMI) Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) is a project management certification which identifies your knowledge related to agile principles and techniques. Market situations change and evolve frequently, and companies need both employees and processes that are able to adapt rapidly. Projects need to be completed both quickly and successfully, which is why the PMI-ACP is valuable.

PMI-ACP includes agile methods, tools, and techniques which are useful in agile project management. Obtaining PMI-ACP certification demonstrates mastery of agile processes for project managers. It is a globally recognized certification that shows the experience and qualification of an individual for the delivery of projects.

Reasons to be PMI-ACP certified

  1. Agile certified professional can earn 30-40 percent more than non-certified persons. PMI-ACP is one of the leading certifications for agile project management.
  2. PMI-ACP certification covers various agile approaches and principles that other agile certificates don’t offer.
  3. As the demand for agile certified professionals has increased in the market, PMI-ACP certified professionals have more career opportunities than other certified professionals.
  4. PMI-ACP includes approaches to agile like Scrum, Kanban, lean, test driven development.
  5. PMI-ACP increases versatility that will improve team productivity and satisfy customers.

PMI-ACP exam detail

The PMI-ACP exam includes 120 multiple choice questions—20 of which don’t affect your score. It is a computer-based exam and you have 3 hours to complete the exam. The question paper is divided into 2 parts—the first one includes agile tools and techniques and the second knowledge and skills.

The agile tools and techniques include agile analysis and design, communication, risk management, metrics, and soft skills like negotiation. The knowledge and skills are divided into 3 levels: Level 1 covers 33 percent of the total questions including brainstorming techniques, leadership, team management, active listening, time and budget estimation. Level 2 covers 12 percent of the total questions, which refer to agile terminology, business development, PMI code of ethics, process analysis, and value-based analysis. Level 3 covers 5 percent of total questions about agile contracting methods, application of agile practices, limits for agile projects, vendor management, alternatives for failure, and agile games.

Registering for the PMI-ACP exam

To apply for PMI-ACP exam you have to register yourself at PMI site.

  1. Go to the PMI.org site and register yourself
  2. Select Apply for PMI-ACP Certification and download the application form
  3. Enter your address
  4. Add your email or phone number
  5. Fill your entire education information in the box
  6. Carefully read the registration requirements to verify whether you are eligible or not
  7. Update your work experience related to project management
  8. Add general experience on the related box
  9. Fill in agile project experience and agile education
  10. Enter your name as it should appear on the PMI-ACP certificate
  11. After reading the application agreement, click on the Agree button.
  12. Verify all of the details you have filled in. If there is any incomplete information, the form will direct you to fill it in. For further updates, you can log in to the PMI site by selecting MY PMI
  13. Check the box stating that the information you have provided is accurate, and submit the application
  14. Now you can schedule your exam. Your exam results will be shown on this same portal.

Tips for passing the PMI-ACP exam

  • First, you should download PMI-ACP course lecture videos through Udemy or register for the classroom based training. You can download the videos and watch at your convenience. The videos contain all the content that is required for passing the exam and you can view them any time and anywhere.
  • There are several question banks available online, but many of them just want you to purchase the material. I suggest you just avoid questions banks, as they provide little benefit. PMI provides reference material which can be downloaded and it covers agile tools and techniques, and the knowledge and skills that are covered in the exam.
  • PMI-ACP exam dumps are an effective preparation tool, but you should avoid cramming or studying late into the night. It is best to ensure you are fully rested before the exam. A good night’s sleep makes you feel good and keeps your mind fresh and sharp for the exam.
  • The exam will take three hours, so make sure you eat a healthy meal and drink lots of water. During the exam, your brain and body need energy so that it can work properly.
  • Consider carefully the time and location that you schedule your exam. You must be on site 30 minutes before the exam time—so consider traffic and drive time and don’t schedule your exam too early or too late.
  • The PMI-ACP handbook provides all the basic details of the exam. There are 2 sections which cover exam policies, procedures, eligibility criteria, filling out the application form, payment policy, and exam blueprint. Being familiar with the information in the handbook will reduce stress and help you in competing for the exam.
  • PMI-ACP exam cannot be cracked by studying few weeks or spending 1-2 hours a day. It is an exam where you have to spend a lot of time studying for it. You can’t rely on your experiences for passing the exam. Through proper planning and scheduling, you can successfully complete it.

Companies need people who understand agile principles and can successfully lead projects to maintain a competitive edge—which is why the demand for PMI-ACP certified professionals is likely to continue growing. If you follow the guidance in listed here, you should have no problem obtaining the PMI-ACP certification.


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