How to Utilize Facebook as a Small Business


Many businesses, particularly those without in-house marketing departments, struggle to identify which is the best source of marketing to elevate their brand awareness. The industries that face the most difficulty when making marketing plans and creating marketing campaigns are often those with the smallest budgets.

Fortunately, thanks to the digital age and a shift in consumer news consumption, there are easy and low budget options available to small businesses who wish to market their goods or services to a large, yet targeted market. An obvious choice is a platform that millions of consumers across the globe use daily: Facebook.

To the novice, Facebook marketing for small businesses may seem daunting, but there are several ways that the social media platform can be used, even with very limited budgets, to spread a company’s key messages far and wide.

Below are five handy tips that any small business can refer to when utilizing Facebook marketing tools.

1. Intention

It is often difficult for a consumer to stumble across a Facebook page if they weren’t searching for it originally. In order for a small business to be found organically, they must be sure to be posting regular and relevant content.

A handy tool embedded within Facebook is ‘Facebook Insights’. This allows companies to see what is already posted, what content is creating the most engagement and what keywords and themes they should be basing their content plans and posts around.

2. Optimization

All the tabs on a Facebook business page should always be organized. Not only does a clear structure allow an audience to easily find the information they seek, but it also increases consumer satisfaction.

Restructuring tab hierarchy, adding new tabs or even deleting old tabs can ensure that all the vital messages a company wants their consumer to see (such as reviews) are seen first.

3. Community

Establishing a community page is something many small businesses don’t bother with, but they are in fact one of the simplest ways to reach dynamic and willing consumers.

Community Facebook pages tend to have an exceptionally organic reach and promote 2-way engagement. Many are invite only, which allows consumers to feel connected to a brand or company on both a personal and emotional level.

4. Facebook Ads

Not all Facebook marketing is free, but fortunately, one of the most powerful ways to market a small business with a small budget is to utilize the Facebook ads service.

Facebook comes with a handy A/B testing system which allows companies to see how to stretch their budget to the max and which audiences they can ensure their content, images or posts are placed in front of.

Facebook ads are a powerful tool as allow content to be tailored and skewed per demographic, region or even age.

5. Engagement

Gone are the days of customers seeking out companies, leaving a review or enquiring about pricing by picking up the phone.

These days, consumers jump straight on to social media to see what their peers are saying about a product or service or are asking direct questions themselves.

Facebook allows reviews, complaints and enquiries to be posted on a company’s Facebook page for the world to see. The benefit of this is that a company can post a reply in full view of the audience. This allows a company to build a reputation for fast responses, professional services and open communication.

Public 2-way communication engagement streams allow potential consumers and customers to see the people and personalities behind a company.

Facebook marketing for small businesses need not be daunting and can certainly be utilized on a small budget. The best way to do this is through targeted Facebook ads, clear communication and strategic content and posts.


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