How to Work Smarter with Cisco Webex Meetings


By continuously encouraging collaboration, creativity and sheer innovation, businesses can achieve truly wonderful things. Now that 65 percent of UK workers are given the option to work remotely, modern technology is playing a major role in powering this sense of collaboration and helping teams work together everywhere.

Traditional face-to-face conferences and presentations are fast-becoming a thing of the past, with businesses instead staying connected with clients and colleagues through innovative virtual meetings. Boasting over 130 million monthly users, Cisco Webex Meetings sits at the forefront of this evolving technology, offering seamless video conferencing, screen sharing and digital whiteboarding solutions to provide a more flexible meeting experience.

Since a recent Alfresco study found that 83 percent of professionals rely on technology to collaborate, effective web meetings need to be considered a priority for every modern business. Fortunately, Cisco Webex Meetings provides you with simple, convenient and innovative ways to communicate.

Enjoy Seamless Face-to-Face Interaction

Although businesses still make heavy use of audio conferencing, instant messaging and email platforms, there is still a need for regular face-to-face interaction. According to Forbes, facial expressions and body language are responsible for more than half of message interpretation, while a famous 1960’s study asserts that as much as 90 percent of all communication is non-verbal.

Therefore, when you’re connecting solely through text and audio platforms, you run a serious risk of experiencing misunderstandings and inefficient communications. However, traditional face-to-face meetings typically require both travel expenses and valuable time out of the office, with longer journeys inevitably hampering the productivity of all participants involved.

Through Cisco Webex Meetings, you can enjoy seamless face-to-face communication without any lengthy travel times or expenses. Providing a clear and crisp video conferencing platform, Webex allows attendees to join meetings from a place that best suits them; ensuring it’s much easier for teams to collaborate and ultimately strengthen their working relationships.

Easily Join Meeting Sessions

Whether you’re hosting a webinar, presentation or online training session, Webex provides a simple and flexible method of attending meetings, while the impressive HD video experience gives the illusion of being in the same room. Joining these meetings is just a simple case of tapping the link in the invitation, while hosts can integrate Webex with their existing calendars to effortlessly schedule and start sessions.

Since workers are now choosing to meet in different places and spaces, a Webex meeting can be hosted and joined from multiple devices. Perhaps more importantly, the seamless Webex experience remains consistent across all of these platforms, ensuring meetings are always easy to join from all compatible smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Instead of worrying about booking out a meeting room, dealing with traffic delays or hosting inefficient sessions, Webex Meetings streamlines the entire experience and allows attendees to focus on what really matters. Somewhat inevitably, the sheer simplicity of this platform will lead to significant improvements in the productivity of your meetings, and allow team members to collaborate without delay.

Improve Efficiency and Organization

Despite undeniably strengthening working relationships and reducing the risk of miscommunication, traditional face-to-face meetings often leave employees feeling completely unengaged. In fact, research from Harvard Business Review found that over 70 percent of workers think meetings are unproductive, with the lack of an agenda often cited as the primary cause of inefficiency.

Alongside the popular video conferencing platform, Webex Meetings offers screen sharing and digital whiteboarding functionality, specifically designed to increase engagement and encourage collaboration. Not only does this technology provide a more visually-engaging meeting platform, it also helps hosts make sure that all attendees are on the same page and completely aware of the meeting’s goals.

When your meetings are so organized and focused, you’ll be able to come to much faster decisions and ensure sessions are much more efficient. By seamlessly sharing relevant documents and slides (and then allowing attendees to edit and annotate those files in real-time), you’ll be providing the best possible teamwork experience. Even if some attendees do fall behind and lose track of the discussion, you can always record the meeting and help them catch up later.

Collaboration Made Simple

Since Webex makes it so much easier to connect and collaborate, teams are much likelier to do so on a regular basis. Collaboration has always been the heartbeat of a successful business, bringing brilliant minds together to achieve a common goal, and ultimately creating an environment which truly inspires creativity.

With Webex Meetings, collaboration has never been smoother or simpler. From intimate brainstorming sessions to large-scale events and webinars, this technology provides all the tools you need to improve connection and communication throughout your business. Without these innovative platforms in place, however, your business could be in danger of falling behind modern workplace trends. The way we meet is changing, and it’s time for your business to change along with it.


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