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DAOBet is Launching a Crypto Wallet

DAOBet is a blockchain gaming company that is now getting into cryptocurrencies. Mainnet is the latest version of the DAOWallet and is part of the company’s rebranding process. The company has now launched a whole new entity called DAOGroup that will combine all of the available products which include DAOBet, DAOPlatform, DAOWallet, and DAOGames.

DAO team has expanded substantially and now offers tools for fast transactions as well as a software suite that is focused on creating new gaming products, which is DAO’s main focus. DAOBet has been a popular gaming project for a while. The company offers wager free casino bonuses and other perks to keep the players coming back. But now the company has set out to do something even more ambitious.

What will the new crypto wallet- Mainnet offer?

The new crypto wallet is optimized to blockchain the ecosystem. Mainnet will deliver the e-wallet service to all cryptocurrency users but the greatest achievement by DAObet is that they’ve managed to reduce latency to 0.1 and have increased the transaction speed to 3,000 operations per second.

With crypto wallets it’s always crucial to have a substantial security system. In Mainnet’s case, they have the backing on RANDPA- an algorithm that ensures the security of the transactions and the whole ecosystem while using up to 100 validators before an operation can be completed. In addition to that, DaoWallet will use two-factor authentication to make the service even more secure.

One of the major perks of this particular e-Wallet is that it allows for private key exports to other applications and gives their users a flexible solution. Minneat is geared towards sponsorship transactions, which is another highlight of the newly launched e-Wallet.

But the most crucial advantage of this particular e-Wallet is that users won’t need to pay any fees while being able to conduct various operations while the ecosystem will take care of the charges by itself.


While the crypto wallet is not exclusive for the gaming, DAOBet team still saw the need to change the name to let the customers know that their endeavor to build a fast and secure blockchain-based transaction system was bigger than just gaming. The team wanted to transcend the “just an online casino” reputation and to pull the focus on the actual product that DAO is now offering. DaoWallet will continue to improve according to the representatives of the team. Speaking at the press-release of Minneat, the DAO team said that the crypto wallet will have a user-friendly interface that is “intuitive and bug-free”. The company also shared the future plans for the DAOWallet, stating that in the new update the wallet will allow users to stack funds in a new chain and will introduce the possibility of voting. DAOGroup is one of the most innovative blockchain gaming projects and it has the potential to kickstart a new movement within the industry. It has previously launched big innovative projects like Bethereum, which is a social gaming platform that uses blockchain as well.

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