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Make Remote Working Productive and Effortless for Your Employees

As technology advances, it has created many opportunities for growth and change. Thanks to ever-increasing technology and its advancement, we are more connected than ever. Smartphones and other devices are a big part of our everyday lives and they help us accomplish tasks, work, and even complete certain everyday errands. Thus, it is no wonder that technology has the power to create a more efficient working environment as well.

The owner of Value Marketing, Reza Shojaei, is very familiar with the concept of remote working. In fact, most of his employees work remotely from all over the world. The company operates on 12 different markets. Shojaei gives us insight on how business owners can make remote working more productive and effortless.

Remote working creates more possibilities

Shojaei’s business operates in the iGaming market and as we know, casino online businesses tend to be multinational. So is Value Marketing. In his business, working remotely is not only a perk, it is more or less a necessity.

“We have employees from all over the world. The fact that they can work remotely allows us to hire only the best professionals in the business. It is only a plus for our business, because ultimately, we want to be the best, so we have to hire the best,” Shojaei said.

Though remote working is a trend nowadays, making it productive and effortless can be a challenge. However, thanks to technology, we can easily stay in touch and connect even over time zones.

Utilize Skype and Zoom for weekly meetings

When you operate from a physical location, where each employee comes to every day, it is easy to set up meetings. For instance, many companies have daily or weekly meetings where each employee is present. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for everyone to go over recent work, results, and goals for the following week. However, when you work remotely, these meetings need to be arranged in other ways.

Utilizing Skype and Zoom for video meetings each week can come in handy. Making calls through these platforms is free and everyone can join in at the same time. You can even share the screen to show projections and charts.

Shojaei shared, “Weekly meetings, even over Skype or Zoom, allow the management to connect with the employees, follow the progress, and address goals and potential issues.”

Instant messaging is available on Slack

Sometimes, you simply have to get in touch with your supervisor, manager, or coworker instantly. If they reside on the other side of the world in a different time zone, simple phone calls or text messages might not be in question. Fortunately, many instant messaging services allow people to chat with each other quickly and efficiently.

Of course, Skype allows this feature as well in addition to free calls. You can even create groups for employees or certain group of employees. Another excellent platform is Slack, that provides the same instant messaging possibility.

This way, people can get in touch with each other quickly as needed.

Give them flexible hours

One of the biggest perks of remote working is that you can practically work from wherever, whenever. Though it is important that each employee gets their job done in a timely manner, giving them flexible hours is always a plus.

“It is important that the employees enjoy their work. As they do not have to be physically present at a location at a certain hour, starting work later or earlier in a day should not be a problem as long as work gets done,” explains Shojaei. “This way, employees stay happier and their productivity is often much better.”

Shojaei added, “At the end of the day, if you have motivated and hard-working employees, you will not have to remind them to get their work done on time. It will get done. Motivated employees do their best and giving them freedom to work on their own terms is only a positive thing in my opinion.”

Remote working requires planning too

At the end of the day, remote working is a wonderful way to create more opportunities. It allows companies to hire the best people from all over the world, and it can even save money for the company. When a physical location is not needed, a business can save a ton of money on rent and utilities.

However, remote working requires planning too, especially if people reside in different time zones. Sometimes, one employee might just be waking up when another one is going to sleep. Planning certain tasks ahead of time and making sure that goals are met by a certain deadline is important. Fortunately, many tools, such as Skype, Zoom, Slack, and others, can come in handy.

When it comes to planning, Trello is an excellent work board that a whole organization can use. Tasks can be put up for everyone to see, and employees can start working on each task accordingly.

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