biometric technology virtual reality voice recognition

Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

In the digital era, the need for security is higher than ever before as a majority of us keep a huge portion of our lives on our mobile devices. As a result, mobile phone and tech developers have integrated biometric technology within these devices to prevent theft and keep our belongings safe. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that this technology has revolutionized our everyday lives.

Mobile Phone Fingerprint Scanners

One of the most common uses of biometric technology is mobile fingerprint scanners. These were introduced in 2007 in one of the first Toshiba handheld devices. Since then, fingerprint scanners have evolved to have a fast response like we have seen today. In addition, Samsung has revolutionized the fingerprint scanner as they have embedded it into the screen with a pressure system. This is only set to be revolutionized in the near future as Apple and other mobile phone manufactures continue to push the boundaries of invention and generate mobile phones that push the boundaries of what we thought possible.

Virtual Reality and Biometric Technology

biometric technology virtual reality voice recognition
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In addition to the use of biometric technology in mobile devices, it is important to note that biometric technology in VR is slowly becoming a reality. In 2018, the technology developed substantially from a series of facial tracking to eye tracking. This is a huge step in developing accuracy of this type of game and has paved the way for the future of virtual reality games which extended even into industries such as slots gaming with games like Gonzo’s Quest VR. With numerous titles now catering to this advanced technology, it is now easier than ever before to enjoy brand new titles. Though this is only in the early stages of development there are several changes to technology allowing for brain waves to be monitored in-game. This is set to revolutionize the immersive experience as music and surroundings can be changed to give the best possible outcome when playing through the levels. This will create a completely customizable gaming experience once depending on the mood as well as the genre of the title you are looking to play.

Facial Recognition for Airport Security

Another example of the implementation of biometric technology is airport security. With facial recognition at passport gates, there is increased security like never before. This has proven highly valuable for security of those entering and leaving the country and can help to track down criminals and those hiding from authorities abroad. It has als0o helped to speed up checking in processes for multiple different airlines. This has therefore helped to speed up the process of going in and out of an airport, making travelling far less stressful for everyone involved. In addition, this is constantly being added to, meaning that the technology can only get better as a result.

Voice Recognition in Cars and Homer Devices

biometric technology virtual reality voice recognition
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Another way that biometric technology has been implemented in the home is through voice recognition software. This has been used in several high-end cars for several years now and can be used to change the song, set the navigation device and answer the phone. This is a hands-free safe way of controlling your car whilst staying focused on driving. This is implemented to reduce road traffic collisions whilst provide a high-end feel when you purchase your car.

In addition, voice recognition is also used in our homes in the form of smart home devices. With Google Home and Alexa in our kitchens and living rooms, you can begin to search the web without needing to look at your screens. These can also be used to control lights and other electronic devices around the home. It can also be used to send information to a phone or tablet helping to streamline the researching process as well as make it easier to control every aspect of your home using your voice. As updates continue to be rolled out, there are more and more possibilities for what this technology can bring to your home.

Iris Scanners

Iris scanners are yet another example of biometric technology being used in everyday life as it can be found on a wide range of mobile devices. It can also be used on webcams for computers and several other devices to improve security as a whole and revolutionize how we use our technology. From its early implementation until now, the technology has continued to evolve to create outstanding user experience on a wide range of devices. This is only set to improve as technology develops to provide faster response time every time.

Home Security

Home security is yet another sector that has benefitted from this style of technology as it has increased home security. With modern-day door handles. You can use fingerprint scanners as well as biometric door handles to increase security and say goodbye to the conventional house key. This is an innovative way of increasing the security in your home as you can register several house members and make sure your house is as secure as possible. Whether it is through the use of a key fob or fingerprint scanning, this is the new way of securing your home without the use of a traditional lock and key.

Implementation in Schools

The final way that this level of security has been implemented in our everyday lives is in schools. Fingerprint scanners have been used for purchasing food as well as renting books from libraries and have helped to reduce the need for money in school. This has helped to prevent theft and has also helped to speed up the lunch queue as a result, allowing for everyone to get as much food as possible as and when they need it. This has also been used in some schools instead of a register to ensure that students are attending lessons.

With this in mind, there are several ways that this technology has been implemented in our everyday lives. From mobile phones to online banking, biometric technology has proved to be the most secure way of keeping your personal data safe.

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