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Can CRM Software Enhance Engagement in Online Casinos?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been used by business across the world in a variety of industries for years now. The software helps businesses track prospects and sales and stay on top of their operations so they are providing their customers with the best possible services.

In recent years, CRM software providers have been expanding their offerings so that businesses in other industries are able to take advantage of the products as well.

One such industry is the gambling sector. Canadian online casinos have been wondering whether CRM software can enhance engagement in online casinos among players.

Here are some ways in which online casinos are able to use CRM software to enhance player engagement — and the benefits of using CRM software to do so.

Collect Data Automatically

Perhaps the biggest challenge Canadian online casinos face when tracking their customers is collecting all the data necessary to do so. It can be an extremely disjointed and time-consuming process — if it can even be cobbled together at all.

CRM software can help online casinos do this entire process automatically, from the very start of the customer registration process. The CRM software will collect TAA (or Target Audience Analysis) that will provide the online casinos with a customer’s interests, demographic information, personal preferences and any other metrics that are relevant to track.

The only way Canadian online casinos can create separate and unique customer personas is to collect this data in a clear, concise and simple way. CRM software can help them do just that.

Approach Players Individually

One of the biggest advantages CRM software can provide is the ability for online casinos to approach players individually. Too often, operators take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to promotions, bonuses and marketing. This simply doesn’t work today — especially with all the competition among online casinos.

CRM software can help Canadian online casinos cater to the specific needs and desires of every player. By tracking the habits and actions of each player separately, online casinos can create unique back-end profiles for their customers that they can then use to roll out new products or offers.

Increase Loyalty

Once the online casino has created separate profiles for each user, they can then work to increase loyalty to their product in various ways. When you collect multiple data points on your customers, you’ll be able to clearly identify some of the things that make them tick.

For instance, you’ll be able to see not only which games they most frequent, but you’ll be able to categorize them preferring online slots, blackjack or any other game. Then, you can tailor your marketing content and offers to them.

Today, consumers in all business sectors love it when companies personalize content to them. It makes them feel as if they’re being listened to and valued.

Boost Cross Sales

One of the most effective ways at increasing revenue and profits is to cross-sell current customers on new products. Retaining current customers is significantly cheaper than attracting new customers — from many business standpoints. And when you can take current customers and increase their spend, you’re increasing your revenue exponentially.

CRM software will help online casinos identify player interest. Once that’s identified, you can market new products to them. A basic example is offering free spins to a new online slot game that is similar in theme, layout, design and gameplay to a particular player’s favorite online slot game, based on their past play.

But CRM software can do so much more than that for cross sales. By hooking the CRM software into the program’s back-end tracking, you’ll be able to identify if a player entered a different category of games on the site, but then left without actually playing a game.

In this instance, you can use the data you collected to market a game from that page to them. You can feed them content about the excitement of that category of games, for example. And, again, you can offer free spins or a free trial to that game or category so they can get their feet wet.

Integrate Positive Feedback

Advanced CRM software allows online casino operators to easily connect their social media channels to their customer tracking back-end. In this way, the operators can automatically receive positive feedback that is left on various social media platforms, forums or other online resource.

The positive feedback can then be used to promote the online casino to potential new players. In addition, any negative or constructive feedback can easily be collected and used to improve the product or service.

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