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Money Management Apps for Personal and Business Use

It is difficult for small business owners and entrepreneurs to remember their expenses, taxes, and bills. Business and personal finance management apps and websites like will help track all of your spending and business expenses, as well as your savings, taxes, and bills. Some budget apps allow you to create spending plans with a table of contents, while others allow you to create your own. Below are some of the money management apps:

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This finance app has many features to assist you with business budgeting. Graphs and charts allow you to track your progress over time, and you can access your budget information from any device in real-time. You Need a Budget’s security is strong because they encrypt all data. There is support available, but it is only via email. You and your partners have weekly access to over a hundred free online budgeting and personal finance workshops.


Mint is a money manager that keeps track of all of your financial transactions in one place. Mint features include the ability to set credit health and financial goals, as well as balances and budgets. Mint also provides financial summaries and alerts via email or text message, and you can get a free credit score from Equifax. Mint’s lack of investing features may limit its appeal, but it currently has around 24 million users.

The basic Mint app is free to use, but premium tiers have additional features.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital includes a dashboard site where you can link your bank account and credit cards to track your total net worth and various analysis tools and access to an advisor who will help you create your Personalized Plan and assist your partners in the data processing. One of the app’s strongest selling points is the personal advice available through its website, which allows you to tailor your financial management to your specific situation.

Because it is completely free to use, this is one of the best budgeting apps.

Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is a simple finance management application that gives you control over your finances. This is from student loans to credit cards to help you grow your savings and optimize your spending. Pocket Guard will keep track of your budget, particularly the spendable money you have left after deducting enough for the bills, credit card offers, and other necessities.


Goodbudget is a modern budget tracker that uses a time-tested envelope budgeting method to keep you on track with your financial goals. It allows you to sync and share budgets as well as save for large expenses, and the bill-paying feature is an excellent addition to this app’s toolbox.

You can use the free Goodbudget plan or the more advanced paid plan.

Marcus Insights (Clarity Money)

This was a popular finance and investment management app acquired by parent company Goldman Sachs in 2018 and recently relaunched as Marcus Insights after market research to identify the best features based on audience insights. It has a new version that allows you to link your bank account, credit card accounts, and other accounts to see your entire financial picture in one place. You can organize your spending and savings, keep track of your investment products, and see your cash flow in real-time.

It is one of the free budget apps that can be used on any mobile device, regardless of its capabilities.


The Albert budget app includes management tools for mobile checking of your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and savings, among other things. The access to a team of finance experts, real humans who can provide Albert users with more personalized and honest money advice, is perhaps the most appealing feature. Albert also provides a wealth of data and insights to assist you in keeping track of your spending habits.

The Albert budget app is another free budgeting app, though Albert offers more digital products for purchase.


The Acorns app makes the most of small sums of money, even investing spare change automatically. Through the content profile, you can set aside money from every paycheck and more, and there are plenty of money tips to keep you on top of your finances. Massive audience insight has informed the Acorns products, with the application currently having over 9 million sign-ups and being backed by leading investment partners such as Blackrock and CNBC.


Expensify has over 10 million users and offers a pre-accounting process for expenses, bills, and invoices. Scanning receipts, tracking business and personal expenses, and booking travel are all possible with the app. Mileage tracking, multi-level approval workflows, and corporate card reconciliation with consent options are also useful features.


It is a budgeting app that is available through its website, and it analyzes your spending habits to find ways to save you money. Trim can also handle your cable, internet, and phone services and pay medical bills and cancel old subscriptions. It securely connects the author’s account using 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to keep all data safe.

Trim provides a 14-day free trial and a basic free version to demonstrate why it is one of the best budgeting apps.


Dollarbird is primarily intended for families, but it can easily be adapted to work well as a budgeting app for small businesses. It is a calendar-based personal finance management tool for real-life use that allows you to enter past, future, or recurring transactions. You can also use AI to categorize transactions and track them on mobile.

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