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How to Automate eLearning Process and Gain Maximum Benefits

With the transition of our reality to an online world due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent global lockdown, companies have felt an urgent need to implement LMSs (Learning Management Systems) to improve the education process and ensure greater safety for their employees. Therefore, in corporate processes, eLearning is no longer novel but commonplace.

However, with the development of innovative technologies, the implemented LMS can become obsolete, which reduces the effectiveness of the learning process 一 that is why companies should be on the lookout and automate their LMSs in a timely manner. What are the advantages of eLearning automation, and how can it be done quickly and efficiently? Let\’s break it down based on research from tech partner Emerline, who has in-depth expertise in the eLearning field.

What Is eLearning Automation?

In a broad sense, automation refers to the reduction or elimination of human engagement in any process. As a general rule, companies automate repetitive tasks that do not require the participation of employees.

As for eLearning, automation entails not only reducing the workload of other workers but also enhancing the engagement of learning platform users. eLearning automation means moving away from boring activities in favor of introducing interactive tools that provide individualized content, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the education process.

Key Features of the eLearning Automation

There is a list of critical elements of eLearning automation that will increase students\’ motivation and, hence, their academic performance:

An AI-Based Personalized

Approach Algorithms are a set of computer codes and instructions that determine what content will appear on the screen, and they are fundamental in eLearning automation.

How does it work in practice? For example, if the user fails the test, the algorithms will not consider the course as completed and will offer the learner to study the material again, suggesting the necessary sources of information. These are well-designed and written algorithms that will help your LMS to get the maximum benefit from the educational process for employees.

The System of Notifications

The next important feature of eLearning automation is the notification system. Let users of your eLearning course always be aware of the start of training sessions and the uploading of new educational materials. You can also set the system to start notifications with a username, which greatly increases learner personalization and engagement.

Online Assessment

Many LMSs now provide the opportunity to generate automated eLearning assessments. LMS allows you to analyze the study materials that you have uploaded to the system and, based on them, create an online test or exam. This tool allows you to assess your employees\’ skills and knowledge and track their progress.

Confirmed Knowledge

While gamification components such as badges motivate employees to participate in training, certificates verify the training they have completed. Automated LMSs analyze user results and issue certificates themselves 一 which means you don\’t have to do it manually.

How Can Businesses Benefit From eLearning Automation?

Shorten eLearning Development Time

Any course and its assessment system development require a lot of time, money, and resources. Creators of an eLearning system should first study a large amount of information in order to create a quality product and then carefully consider the questions to ensure the assessment process is comprehensive. It enables you to automatically create eLearning evaluation tests and deliver fast feedback.

Personalized eLearning Experience

eLearning automation works on the principle of the web store. Thanks to special algorithms, web stores gather necessary information about their potential customers and their intentions and offer the desired products. As in the case of online shops, automated learning processes are all about a customized learning experience. One of the biggest benefits of eLearning automation is giving learners the chance to pursue their own goals and explore topics that matter to them.

With the analytics built into the LMS, companies can quickly determine the level of complexity that will suit each employee the gaps that need to be addressed, and based on this data, select the right courses and customize eLearning content.

Boosted Engagement and Motivation Level

Lack of student engagement is still the main problem faced by online educational platforms. Engagement can be increased precisely by eLearning automation. Gamification elements, notifications, points, and bonuses for completing the course 一 all these help to improve motivation.

Better Flexibility

Moreover, with the help of automation, you can train almost any number of employees at the same time. You just once create a course and then provide access to it to any number of people. This is especially convenient for large companies that often have to choose how many people per month they can train.

Increased ROI

And finally, achieving all the advantages listed above, the company significantly improves its ROI. The more automated your eLearning is, the more value your employees get and the more money and resources you save.

If you\’re thinking about eLearning automation, it\’s always a good idea to turn to a trusted technology partner to guide you through every step of the technology implementation. Moreover, it depends on the partner how many functions can be transferred to automation and how convenient the learning process will be for all parties involved.

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