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A Game of Numbers: The Correlation Between Technology and Sports Betting

Washington is a place that has an incredibly close relationship with sport. While it may not be the first city to jump to mind when you think of American sports, it truly lives and breathes it. When it comes to major league sports teams in the Washington area, they can compete with the best. The area is home to the Seattle Mariners in the MLB, the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL, the Seattle Sounders in the MLS, the Seattle Kraken in the NHL, and the Seattle Storm in the WNBA. When you look at it presented in a list like this, it is easy to understand why sport is an important part of the culture of Washington. No matter the sport, you have a wide selection to choose from.

Washington and Technology

When it comes to the technology industry, Washington is home to Microsoft, Amazon, and T-Mobile as well as thousands of successful startup companies. Much like sport, the tech industry in Washington is nothing short of vital. According to a report by ITI, which measures states and districts on thirty-four individual economic indicators, Washington ranks at the top of the list in a number of categories, including IT service exports, which make up a staggering 57% of Washington’s entire service exports.

One industry that has majorly benefited from technology is the sports betting industry. Technological advancements have completely transformed sports betting over the previous three decades. With both sports and tech being a core part of Washington’s DNA, it is no surprise to hear that sports betting has been embraced by those living there.

For instance, if you check out the latest updates on sports betting in Washington State, you will get a genuine feel for just how important it is there. Moreover, the fact that due to recent legislation, sports fans from Washington can finally place bets on professional sports games. Sports gambling has been legal in Washington since 2020 and, based on the sports culture there, it comes as no surprise that it was welcomed with open arms. The state allows individuals to place bets online or in-person at tribal casinos. Thanks to both the demand and the impact of technology on sports betting, there is already a great selection of Washington state sports betting sites to choose from! So, let\’s take a closer look at how technology has allowed the legislation of sports betting to flourish in Washington…

Technology and Sports Betting

Technology has had an incredible impact on just about every industry, to the point where it is literally impossible to imagine what the world would be like without it. When we consider the fact that sports betting has transitioned from something you could only do in certain locations and at certain times to what it is today, and all thanks to technology, we truly get an understanding of the correlation between the rise of technology and the development of sports betting as a whole.

Whereas in years gone past, you would have to go to a physical location to place a bet on a sports game, today you can bet on just about every sports game in the world no matter where you are. For instance, thanks to online sports betting sites and the smartphone, the commute home can now become the ideal time to take a look at the latest odds.

A True Modern Convenience

What technology and sports betting have in common is that they now, in their current state, make life much easier. The amount of time that technology has saved us is absolutely incredible. We can shop online, socialize online, work online, educate ourselves online, and we can do just about everything when it comes to the world of entertainment with a single click. When it comes to sports, even outside of the actual betting process, it has allowed us to be much more informed than ever before. We can use the internet to easily access the latest team news in order to know which teams are operating at full strength, to read statistical reports, watch interviews, and even listen to podcasts on specific teams. All of this allows us to feel that we are wagering bets from an informed position. Furthermore, all of this adds an entirely new element to both watching sports and betting on them.

The Bottom Line

The convenience of being able to watch a live game and simultaneously bet on it in real time is another way technology has transformed the industry. Whether it be through sports science or video analysis, we all know how technology has changed professional sport, allowing athletes to reach their full potential on a more consistent basis. The same technology that has improved sport as a spectacle has also improved what it is like to watch and bet on the actual games.

This is why we signaled out Washington as the focus of this article, it brings to life the real impact that the technology industry has had on sport, both on and off the pitch. Yes, we are all aware that technology has changed our lives, but it is when we compare specific things to what they used to be like, in even the relatively recent past, that we truly get a sense of how the world has transformed as a direct result.


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