Enjoy the Cylance

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “P”.

Information security and antimalware solutions have vastly improved over the years. No matter how good the tools and techniques get, though, there is something fundamentally flawed with the entire approach to security. Cylance hopes to bring a culture shift to security that will change all of that.

It basically comes down to one letter: the letter “P”.The traditional security model is based on a researcher or attacker finding a flaw and developing an exploit for it, then the security vendors analyze the flaw and exploit, and respond with a defense that can identify and block that specific threat. The problem with this model is that the bad guys always get the first move, and networks and systems are vulnerable to that threat until the security vendors respond. Cylance wants to flip that 180 degrees, and “prespond” rather than “respond”…

Read the full article on CSOOnline.com: Enjoy the Cylance.

Full disclosure: Cylance is a sponsor of TechSpective.

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