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cloud security small business data encryption
Back Up

Cloud Security Basics for Small Business

Storing your company data in the cloud is so convenient. It’s easy for everyone to access, and you don’t have …

paid social media advertising marketing

These Efficiency Tips Can Help Your Small Business Stretch Its Social Advertising Budget

The 2022 holiday season is already well underway, and small businesses (SMBs) across the country are searching for an edge …

bookmaker online betting cybersecurity cyberattacks

Are Bookmakers at Risk of Cyberattacks?

With sports betting increasingly being moved from brick-and-mortar buildings to the online world, bookmakers face a new challenge when it …

Apple IBM vendor lock-in

How to Beat Apple (And Why Would You Want To?)

Because I worked with great people, one of my favorite jobs was as a competitive analyst at IBM. That was …

AMD Epyc server processors

AMD’s Amazing Epyc Server Processors

This week AMD launched its fourth generation Epyc processors. Intel has been comparing its latest generation parts to AMD’s 3rd …

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wedding day technology camera drones
The Best Tech Gear to Use on Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding should be a dream come true. From table centerpieces …

cryptocurrency exchange cryptocurrencies Bitcoin
Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrency reached record-high levels in the past five years. …

artificial intelligence key performance indicators AI KPI
Using AI to Form Better KPIs

Every business leader wants their company to be a success. But what …

cloud computing online casino

How Casinos Are Embracing Cloud Computing

The shift away from land-based casinos to online gaming is happening quickly. And cloud computing has played a significant role …

IBM carbon sequestration hybrid cloud

IBM’s Carbon Capture Research Effort Validates Hybrid Cloud Model

I met with Mathias Steiner, who is a researcher out of the Rio de Janeiro IBM lab. He was talking …


cybersecurity ransomware MDR managed detection response
Why All Businesses Should Invest in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been around for decades, yet many businesses don’t have the infrastructure to protect their assets. In fact, some believe doing so is too costly, and their …

Maggie MacAlpine MITRE Engenuity TechSpective podcast
Maggie MacAlpine Chats about Collaborative Threat Intel Initiative

TechSpective Podcast Episode 099   Do you like to do …

cybersecurity malware phishing
Understanding Cybersecurity for Your Business

As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of …


3D modeling graphic design
A Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling

3D modeling brings designs to life in a three-dimensional space through the manipulation of polygons, edges, and vertices in a 3D space. It can be done with the …

Hiren's Boot CD recovery utility
Hiren’s Boot CD: What it is and Why You Need it so Much

If you’ve never heard of a thing called Hiren’s Boot …

automobile security
Safety, Security & Open Source in the Automotive Industry

Today’s cars are as much defined by the power of …

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Lenovo metaverse Meta virtual reality

Lenovo Tech World 2022: Viewing the Metaverse Through a Business Lens

There have always been synergies between business and consumer tech products, including instances where success in one area leads to …

AMD 7900 XTX graphics card

AMD Builds Graphics Card for the Future

We started out November with a bang when AMD launched a new line of graphics cards, the Radeon 7900 XTX …


app development minimum viable product low code
5 Ways to Increase Productivity in App Development

Improving the productivity of your app development team can result in higher …

REST API security
How to Secure Your REST API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a set of protocols used in building …

Checkmarx Fusion Checkmarx One application security
Checkmarx Offers Holistic, Context-Aware Application Security Testing with Checkmarx Fusion

Regardless of the motivation or objectives, almost every cyberattack relies to some …

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