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hacking security posture management cybersecurity

How Can Businesses Predict Hacking Activity and Be Prepared?

Is your organization faster than a hacker? Businesses in our digital age must take their cybersecurity seriously — especially if …

online betting mobile betting smartphone

How Tech Advancements and Mobile Betting Have Gone Hand-in-Hand

Online betting and in particular, mobile betting have become huge over the past 10-15 years. With the introduction of smartphones, …

Cisco PoE power over ethernet

Cisco: Replacing AC with DC and PoE for Everything

I was on a call this month with Cisco about sustainability. Cisco is the most sustainability-focused company I follow because …

smart farming technology supply chain
Artificial Intelligence

How Smart Farming Technology Can Prevent Future Supply Chain Disruptions

The near-constant supply chain disruptions in recent years have shown our need for better, more streamlined supply chain management. To …

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Lenovo metaverse Meta virtual reality
Lenovo Tech World 2022: Viewing the Metaverse Through a Business Lens

There have always been synergies between business and consumer tech products, including …

decentralized finance DeFi cryptocurrency blockchain
Using Tech to Combat Poverty

Poverty has been an issue since the beginning of mankind. However, many …

wedding day technology camera drones
The Best Tech Gear to Use on Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding should be a dream come true. From table centerpieces …

cloud computing online casino

How Casinos Are Embracing Cloud Computing

The shift away from land-based casinos to online gaming is happening quickly. And cloud computing has played a significant role …

IBM carbon sequestration hybrid cloud

IBM’s Carbon Capture Research Effort Validates Hybrid Cloud Model

I met with Mathias Steiner, who is a researcher out of the Rio de Janeiro IBM lab. He was talking …


bookmaker online betting cybersecurity cyberattacks
Are Bookmakers at Risk of Cyberattacks?

With sports betting increasingly being moved from brick-and-mortar buildings to the online world, bookmakers face a new challenge when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients against …

cloud security small business data encryption
Cloud Security Basics for Small Business

Storing your company data in the cloud is so convenient. …

cybersecurity ransomware MDR managed detection response
Why All Businesses Should Invest in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been around for decades, yet many businesses don’t …


3D modeling graphic design
A Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling

3D modeling brings designs to life in a three-dimensional space through the manipulation of polygons, edges, and vertices in a 3D space. It can be done with the …

Hiren's Boot CD recovery utility
Hiren’s Boot CD: What it is and Why You Need it so Much

If you’ve never heard of a thing called Hiren’s Boot …

automobile security
Safety, Security & Open Source in the Automotive Industry

Today’s cars are as much defined by the power of …

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Apple IBM vendor lock-in

How to Beat Apple (And Why Would You Want To?)

Because I worked with great people, one of my favorite jobs was as a competitive analyst at IBM. That was …

AMD Epyc server processors

AMD’s Amazing Epyc Server Processors

This week AMD launched its fourth generation Epyc processors. Intel has been comparing its latest generation parts to AMD’s 3rd …


app development minimum viable product low code
5 Ways to Increase Productivity in App Development

Improving the productivity of your app development team can result in higher …

REST API security
How to Secure Your REST API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a set of protocols used in building …

Checkmarx Fusion Checkmarx One application security
Checkmarx Offers Holistic, Context-Aware Application Security Testing with Checkmarx Fusion

Regardless of the motivation or objectives, almost every cyberattack relies to some …

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