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Check out the latest episode of the Inner Circle podcast. I had an awesome time chatting with two of my favorite podcasters—Adam and Danielle from @marriageandmartinis *** Marriage and Martinis is my favorite podcast. The topics they discuss are relatable for any couple—and especially for couples married with children. But, it’s not just the topics—or even the topics at all, necessarily. What makes the podcast awesome is how genuine and authentic and real Adam and Danielle are. It’s not like listening to a podcast. It’s like bullshitting with couple friends while having drinks in the living room. *** Adam and Danielle skyrocketed quickly from not having a podcast and not having a social media presence—at least not as ‘Marriage and Martinis’—to having tens of thousands of subscribers and followers. They just crossed over the 1 million downloads threshold for the podcast after only 15 months and just over 90 episodes. I wanted to talk with them about getting started and their tips or lessons learned for going from not having a podcast to becoming a published podcaster. *** This was by far my favorite episode of Inner Circle so far, and I look forward to having Adam and Danielle back as guests—either together or separately—for future podcasts. *** Follow the link in the bio or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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