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IBM mainframe quantum computing quantum advantage

IBM and the Emergence of Quantum Advantage

This week IBM presented a major quantum computing update, and it was a fascinating experience. IBM does a nice job …

Microsoft VALL-E audio deepfake generative AI
Artificial Intelligence

Flawless Deepfake Audio Is a Serious Security Concern

Artificial intelligence has been around in some form for decades, but recent advances with generative AI models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT …

Adobe Security Program Management Office PMO

Standing Up a Security Program Management Office

By Ningjing Gao, Senior Group Program Manager, Security PMO   Program management is not sexy — or easy. Think about it …

tech startup minimum viable product MVP

7 Steps to Get Your Startup Tech Company Up and Running

If you have come up with a seemingly brilliant idea for a tech company startup, the thought alone can be …

compliance security accountability TechSpective Podcast

Igor Volovich Chats about Cybersecurity Compliance and Accountability

TechSpective Podcast Episode 103   Security equals compliance–at least in theory, assuming it’s effective security. But compliance doesn’t necessarily equal …

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virtual reality augmented reality soccer football sports
Virtual Reality Used to Train Future Footballers

Virtual reality has many applications, and some of them are still being …

health and fitness 2023 kitchen gadgets devices
Incorporate These New Gadgets into Your Kitchen for A Healthier You

It’s the start of a brand-new year, and more people are hoping …

mobile payment technology security smart rings online payment
Innovations and Security in Modern-Day Payment Technology

Paying someone for a business transaction of one form or another is …

cloud computing online casino

How Casinos Are Embracing Cloud Computing

The shift away from land-based casinos to online gaming is happening quickly. And cloud computing has played a significant role …

IBM carbon sequestration hybrid cloud

IBM’s Carbon Capture Research Effort Validates Hybrid Cloud Model

I met with Mathias Steiner, who is a researcher out of the Rio de Janeiro IBM lab. He was talking …


cybersecurity mfa multi-factor authentication data protection
Overcoming Cyber Overwhelm: Three Security Goals to Focus on in 2023

Working in cybersecurity can be draining. It’s a high-pressure environment, and the stakes are only getting higher. A recent report found that 45% of cybersecurity professionals have considered …

process automation exposure management cybersecurity data analytics
5 Ways to Boost Your Business with Tech in 2023

Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from incorporating advanced …

document security classified confidential data
The Document Security Problem that the Trump and Biden Scandals Aren’t Focused On

Security is a state of mind and apparently that state …


3D modeling graphic design
A Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling

3D modeling brings designs to life in a three-dimensional space through the manipulation of polygons, edges, and vertices in a 3D space. It can be done with the …

Hiren's Boot CD recovery utility
Hiren’s Boot CD: What it is and Why You Need it so Much

If you’ve never heard of a thing called Hiren’s Boot …

automobile security
Safety, Security & Open Source in the Automotive Industry

Today’s cars are as much defined by the power of …

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IBM mainframe Z16

The Amazing Success of IBM’s Mainframe

IBM just released its financials which show it has significantly outperformed its peers. Given IBM’s age, this is amazing in …

Intel NVIDIA generative AI ChatGPT artificial intelligence

Intel and NVIDIA Partner to Create AI Powerhouse

Thanks to the recent emergence of Generative AI platforms, AI has become incredibly popular and visible of late. While much …


app development minimum viable product low code
5 Ways to Increase Productivity in App Development

Improving the productivity of your app development team can result in higher …

REST API security
How to Secure Your REST API

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a set of protocols used in building …

Checkmarx Fusion Checkmarx One application security
Checkmarx Offers Holistic, Context-Aware Application Security Testing with Checkmarx Fusion

Regardless of the motivation or objectives, almost every cyberattack relies to some …

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