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AMD Ryzen processors

AMD’s Latest Ryzen Processors Outperform Intel’s 12th Generation Significantly

Over the last decade, and partially as the result of a prior Intel CEO underfunding processor development while AMD remained …

digital health careers telemedicine

Digital Health Careers in Demand in Today’s Job Market

Medicine will always be a people-focused endeavor. That does not mean, however, that there are no roles for science and …

content marketing digital marketing

Content Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts

Every marketer knows that content is king. However, when it comes to content marketing, many businesses are having difficulties leveraging …

crypto exchange cryptocurrency

8 Tips for Choosing a Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading is complicated. Using a bitcoin exchange might make things a lot easier for you. However, with so many …

barcode inventory scanner inventory management software

How Inventory Insights Tools Enhance Business Visualization

Data visualization becomes a powerful tool when utilized correctly. It becomes a much more elegant method of explaining complex methods …

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crypto exchange cryptocurrency
8 Tips for Choosing a Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading is complicated. Using a bitcoin exchange might make things a …

HP Metal Jet S100 3D printing
HP’s Metal Jet S100: Revolutionizing Additive Manufacturing One Machine at a Time

HP is the leader in 3D printing at scale with its line …

internet of things IoT
Exploring Business Applications for the Internet of Things

Today, business is synonymous with the internet. It has virtually replaced brick …

cloud computing online casino

How Casinos Are Embracing Cloud Computing

The shift away from land-based casinos to online gaming is happening quickly. And cloud computing has played a significant role …

IBM carbon sequestration hybrid cloud

IBM’s Carbon Capture Research Effort Validates Hybrid Cloud Model

I met with Mathias Steiner, who is a researcher out of the Rio de Janeiro IBM lab. He was talking …


zero trust architecture
How to Build a Zero Trust Security Architecture with Your Technology

These days, a threat can originate from anywhere in your network. In order to keep your network truly secure, people are having to do more and more. Keep …

CyberArk identity security channel partner
Demand for Identity Security Drives CyberArk Channel Growth

Cybersecurity is crucial for organizations, and Identity Security is the …

Epiphany Decision Intelligence Center
Better Decisions Equal Better Exposure Management

Business success essentially boils down to awareness of potential risks …


3D modeling graphic design
A Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling

3D modeling brings designs to life in a three-dimensional space through the manipulation of polygons, edges, and vertices in a 3D space. It can be done with the …

Hiren's Boot CD recovery utility
Hiren’s Boot CD: What it is and Why You Need it so Much

If you’ve never heard of a thing called Hiren’s Boot …

automobile security
Safety, Security & Open Source in the Automotive Industry

Today’s cars are as much defined by the power of …

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IBM i System subscription SME small enterprise

IBM Tailors IBM i System Subscriptions for SMEs

Small- to medium-sized enterprises and businesses (SMEs/SMBs) face some unique challenges when it comes to accessing and adopting new technologies …

Intel IDC Israel Development Center

The Intel IDC Tour and Effectively Correcting an Expensive Misconception

Often people tend to put Intel’s competitors into the same class as Intel and, increasingly, that is a mistake. I …


Checkmarx Fusion Checkmarx One application security
Checkmarx Offers Holistic, Context-Aware Application Security Testing with Checkmarx Fusion

Regardless of the motivation or objectives, almost every cyberattack relies to some …

application coding coder programming
How Coding Has Evolved Over the Years

Billions of people all around the globe access code every day. From …

python programming language development
Why is Python So Popular?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. However, the popularity …

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