Try Jarvis out for yourself

Jarvis is here!

Well, sort of. It’s only version 0.2, and the revolutionary artificial intelligence platform is still in early-stage development, but now you can test it out for yourself at the website.

Jarvis won’t quite help you engineer a flying superhero suit of armor like Tony’s Stark’s version just yet. Give it time.

You can ask Jarvis (the current version is actually labeled JARONE 2) a wide variety of questions. Look up stock quotes, find a YouTube video, or find answers to your questions from WikiPedia, and more.

To get the full effect of Jarvis 0.2, you need to use Google’s Chrome browser. The basic functionality will work with any of the browsers, but the voice recognition and the ability to speak, rather than type, your question only works in Chrome right now. Eventually Jarvis will be more tightly integrated with the other major browsers as well.

Go ahead. Try it out. Ask Jarvis what the weather outlook is for Detroit. Ask Jarvis what the current stock price of Google is.

It may seem like a step back from the demonstration video of version 0.1, but there’s a huge difference between coding a unique, proprietary system, and coding a system that integrates with all of the browsers, and systems in the world. This is just the first step in bringing what you saw in version 0.1 to the public Internet, and then continuing to fine tune and evolve it to achieve the ultimate goal.

Be warned–it’s still quite rough around the edges. Cut it some slack. It is version 0.2 and not 2.0. The developers are still hard at work adding features and capabilities, and–more importantly–refining the ability for Jarvis to comprehend and respond to natural conversational queries. The feedback from allowing users in the general public to test Jarvis at a much greater scale will be invaluable in the ongoing development efforts.

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