Don’t let your company be the next Anthem

Up to 80 million individuals may now be at risk of identity theft thanks to a massive data breach at Anthem–the nation’s second largest health insurance provider. How many customers or employees would be compromised if your company suffered the same sort of data breach that Anthem is dealing with?

There’s no such thing as impenetrable security, but there are a few things you can do to mitigate risk to make sure you don’t become the next Anthem:

Customers and employees trust businesses to protect their data, and businesses trust CSOs and CISOs to make sure the data is secure. Those in charge of protecting the network and defending sensitive information know that security cannot be guaranteed. It is simply a game of risk management.

Anthem lost that game apparently. The nation’s second largest health insurance provider revealed that it was the victim of a data breach that may have compromised information on up to 80 million individuals.

There is an old saying that applies: “You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.” The reason that is apropos is that there is no such thing as absolute security. You are vulnerable. Period. But, if you do just enough to be more secure than the next company, there’s a very good chance attackers will ignore you and go after the low-hanging fruit.

Here are three things organizations should keep in mind in the wake of the Anthem breach, and to ensure your organization is not the proverbial low-hanging fruit:

1. Don’t believe the hype

Any time a major breach like this occurs it’s an opportunity for security vendors to pitch their products and services. If only Anthem would have used this product or that service, then this horrible thing wouldn’t have happened. I’m sure that each product and service fills some need and provides some value, but don’t make the mistake of believing that any one thing is the “silver bullet” that will save you.

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