Ron Louks unveils BlackBerry Leap and Slider

Blackberry unleashes the Leap and Slider

Blackberry’s battle for relevance in today’s mobile industry is set to receive a huge boost, as the former giants of mobile enterprise, announced its plans to release two premium devices, the Blackberry Leap and Slider, in the coming weeks.

The mobile giants who took advantage of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) today to tout its latest wares, is definitely looking to set some pulses raising, increase valuation of its BBRY stock prices as well as take hardcore fans back to the glory days of the Blackberry Torch 9800.

The BlackBerry Leap

On first glance, the BlackBerry Leap looks no different from the other tepid 5 inch full HD smart phones being bandied around by some industry players in the MWC. But on closer inspection, the device definitely stands out as it packs some admirable features under its sleek hood.

The device runs on the slightly out-dated dual-core Qualcomm processor reminiscent of the Galaxy S4 glory days but it evens this underwhelming feature out by including an unprecedented 28000mAH battery reservoir which is touted to last for approximately 25hours with constant use.  The ‘Leap’ also spots an 8MP camera at its rear end covered by a soft plastic casing which makes it quite easy to handle.

The BlackBerry Slider

If you thought sliders on a mobile device was ‘so 2000 and late’, then you are in for a shock as BlackBerry is in the process of re-inventing the wheel with the BlackBerry Slider. The device which looks very much like the classic BlackBerry Torch of yesteryears, packs some innovative features that might attract some old-school fans.

Its new features include a ‘dual curved display’ which mirrors the look and functions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 curved edges as well as a more advanced camera at its rear end. The dual curved display is set to serve as the home to special contacts, a clock and other widgets.

Oh! Less I forget, BlackBerry also announced its plans to release some new apps to its enterprise interface with the aim of attracting more professionally-minded individuals to try out its new devices. These apps include a BlackBerry Hub and an innovative calendar.  Also, be rest assured that Tech spective will definitely provide you with updates as these apps are rolled out.

The devices which would cost approximately between $270-350 will be available sometime this year and if you plan to get one, we would definitely appreciate your review in the comment box below.

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