Amazon Game Studios to launch four games on iOS

Amazon Game Studios announced plans to make four more games available on iOS devices. The move confirms Amazon’s pledge to take entertainment more seriously.

A closer inspection of the four game titles—Tales From Deep Space, To-Fu Fury, Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light—shows that two of the four have already been made available on Android while the remaining two are new titles designed exclusively to thrill iOS gamers.

Tales From Deep Space

For those who haven’t yet sampled this adventure, Tales from Deep Space involves guiding the games two heroic characters to solve clever riddles in the environment of a comic space station named Big Moon. The plot starts when the space station is put under lockdown and your mission involves getting the hero ‘E’, and his drone luggage CASI out of the station. The game is currently available on Amazon Fire devices. Now it will also be available for the iPhone and iPad as well.

To-Fu Fury

This is one of those games that take its inspiration from the manga/ninja culture prevalent in Asia. The plot sees gamers play as To-Fu, a combative bean-curd, who traverses through ancient temples, dojos and distant lands to free Fortune Kitty. The game, which is currently available only on the Fire Phone, will soon come to iOS.

Lost Within

As the name suggests, Lost Within is a survival horror game set in a forlorn asylum rigged with horrific secrets in every stage. Players are giving the task of fighting the bad guys and solving mysteries to unlock the hidden secrets in the Asylum.

Til Morning’s Light

Fans of the novel series Goosebumps, will surely appreciate the theme of ‘Till Morning’s Light’. The game sports a young teenager, Erica, who must escape the horrors of a haunted mansion filled with ghosts, phantoms and strange creatures littering its halls. Gamers are tasked with defeating these monsters and solving puzzles in order to come out victorious at the end.

Amazon did not reveal launch dates for any of the iOS apps. It only revealed that the titles are “coming soon” and that all four games will be available for both iPhone and iPad.

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