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HashiCorp launches Atlas–a powerful suite of open source DevOps tools

There are many awesome open source tools available to help organizations embrace and manage a DevOps culture or environment. What’s even better than a random collection of disjointed tools, though, is a suite or platform that pulls some of the best together as an integrated whole. That’s what HashiCorp has done with Atlas:

Open source and DevOps go together like chocolate and peanut butter, or like milk and cookies (these metaphors are making me hungry). Basically, they’re inseparable and—while each is good in and of itself—they’re better when united. HashiCorp announced today that Atlas, a platform for a variety of leading open source tools, is now available to the general public to help organizations make DevOps even better.

HashiCorp has a number of popular, industry-leading open source tools at its disposal. Vagrant manages development environments. Packer automates building artifacts like Docker containers, OpenStack images, and VMware images. Consul is a tool for runtime orchestration. Serf is a protocol used by Consul for failure detection and message distribution in a server cluster. Terraform automates infrastructure provisioning on cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. They’re all great tools in and of themselves, but Atlas ties them all together into a powerful, cohesive whole.

Atlas has been available in beta for a while with tremendous success. Nodes under management consistently doubled month-to-month during the beta, and heavy hitters like Mozilla and Cisco jumped on board to test it out.

DevOps seeks to accelerate development and deployment. One of the primary attributes of DevOps is automation to facilitate automatic, error-free, auditable implementation of routine, repeatable functions. Many organizations strive to embrace DevOps tools and principles and leverage open source tools like Consul or Vagrant but use manual, time-consuming, error-prone processes that are difficult to scale and challenging to manage effectively.

HashiCorp believes that Atlas is the solution—a platform that brings it all together and enables organizations to manage end-to-end from configuration management to container deployments across multiple cloud environments. Each of the open source tools is fine alone, but the ability to manage and orchestrate them as a whole is very powerful.

Get the full story from DevOps.com: HashiCorp unites open source DevOps tools with Atlas.

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