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Protect your cloud and on-premise data with CoreBDR

There are two persistent truths about data. First, it’s a matter of “when” not “if” you will experience some sort of catastrophic data loss. Second, lack of preparation virtually guarantees that a catastrophic data loss will occur when you least expect it. Coretelligent wants to help small and medium businesses protect data with CoreBDR.

“Data loss is a prevailing threat that many of today’s small and medium-sized business aren’t well prepared for. It’s common to associate data loss with a natural disaster, however, the more likely threats are viruses or malware, hardware failure or even the accidental deletion of a file,” said Kevin Routhier, Coretelligent founder and CEO.

In recent memory ransomware comes to mind as one of the more pernicious data threats. A ransomware attack encrypts all of your data and then holds it hostage unless you pay the attacker’s ransom demand. Organizations that don’t have data properly backed up and protected often have little choice but to pay the ransom. With a solid backup solution, however, you can just rebuild clean systems and restore the data rather than caving to the attacker’s demands.

CoreBDR combines two leading products to provide seamless protection for both cloud and on-premise data. Veeam Backup and Replication does the backup and recovery processing, and EMC Data Domain provides the backup data storage.

Coretelligent designed CoreBDR to be a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution by ensuring that it backs up all of your data and replicates that data across multiple sites for redundancy. CoreBDR is capable of backing up virtual machines and application-specific data in addition to the standard flat files.

Routhier explained, “CoreBDR is a state of the art data protection solution that quickly recovers data and restores server infrastructure integrity in minutes, instead of hours required by other solutions. In many cases, employees aren’t even aware that an outage occurred or that a failover took place.”

Data privacy and security are also concerns for organizations—especially when it comes to storing or backing up data to third-party offsite datacenters. Coretelligent states in a CoreBDR press release, “CoreBDR is architected to meet the most rigorous of security and compliance requirements. Backup data is stored in highly secure, logically discreet buckets within Coretelligent’s storage platform, which can only be accessed by the CoreBDR infrastructure. All data transfers occur on Coretelligent’s private CoreCloud network, or in the case of client on-premise backups, via encrypted HTTPS traffic.”

You can check out CoreBDR and learn more about how it can help you protect your sensitive data against catastrophic data loss by clicking here.

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