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Streamline AWS cloud security with Alert Logic Cloud Insight

Security is a process not an event. You can’t implement security, check a box, and go grab a beer. Security has to be monitored, managed, and updated on a constant basis…and that’s on physical servers and fairly static resources in a traditional on-premises datacenter. When you take security and apply it to a DevOps environment running on a cloud infrastructure like AWS not only is security an ongoing process, but it’s virtually impossible just to keep up with which virtual assets exist and what you’re protecting exactly. That’s why a tool like Cloud Insight from Alert Logic can be valuable.

I wrote this post about Alert Logic Cloud Insight:

One of the primary driving forces behind DevOps is its fluidity. There is a domino-effect that cascades from the developers who create the apps to the IT admins who deploy and administer the apps to the individuals who download and use the apps and back again. Traditional security can’t keep pace so Alert Logic created Cloud Insight—a cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management solution for cloud infrastructures running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I’ve written previously about the continuous continuousness of DevOps. Anything and everything that used to be manual tasks on a static infrastructure is now automated to the Nth degree. “Continuous development and continuous testing lead to continuous deployment and continuous delivery, which requires continuous support. Continuous monitoring produces continuous integration and continuous change.”

All of that also means that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the current configuration or accurately assess vulnerabilities in a constantly-changing environment. If your entire cloud infrastructure can change at the push of a button you also need to have security controls in place that are just as automated and capable of flowing with the changes and providing continuous, real-time security. Traditional security solutions simply won’t work.

Alert Logic agrees, which is why it developed Cloud Insight. Gray Hall, CEO of Alert Logic, explained in a press release announcing Cloud Insight, “Managing security while maintaining the agility of the cloud is fundamentally different than in any other environment. With Alert Logic Cloud Insight we are delivering an innovative solution that gives businesses an added layer of visibility for workloads running on AWS—actionable intelligence to identify and eliminate risk across instances and applications while not slowing the business down.”

Cloud Insight automatically tracks changes—additions, moves, deletions—within the AWS platform. It continuously identifies threats and vulnerabilities and potential exposure to risk within the dynamic environment. Alert Logic uses AWS APIs to integrate with the cloud infrastructure to detect any changes and inspect the new, change, or modified resources for vulnerabilities or configuration issues.

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