WinDocks launches Kickstarter to bring Docker to Windows Server 2012

Microsoft is working with Docker to build support for Docker containers into Windows Server 2016, but it won’t have much value to most of Microsoft’s customers for years to come. Most businesses are slow to embrace new operating systems and upgrade to the latest and greatest cutting edge platform. When support ended this year for Windows Server 2003 there were many companies scrambling to migrate off of the archaic OS even though Microsoft has released two major upgrades since then (Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012) and has Windows Server 2016 slated for release next year.

That’s why WinDocks is working to bring Docker container support to the Windows Server 2012 platform many businesses are already using:

Microsoft and Docker are plugging away with their partnership to bring native Docker support to the next release of Windows Server. Windows Server 2016 won’t be available until sometime next year, though, and the vast majority of organizations that rely on Windows Server won’t be prepared to upgrade immediately. WinDocks is a startup that’s emerged to develop Docker support that will work with Windows Server 2012.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Docker, and Microsoft’s investment in DevOps and container technologies is huge. The fact that Windows Server 2016 will have native support for Docker containers may be a major factor in the decision about if or when to upgrade to the new OS for many organizations. The reality, though, is that most businesses won’t upgrade immediately and will probably still be using Windows Server 2012 for years to come.

That’s where WinDocks comes in. WinDocks is a team of former Microsoft Windows, IIS, and SQL Server developers focused on bringing the capabilities of Docker to .NET developers globally. WinDocks promises to deliver Docker-based .NET and SQL Server application support on Windows Server 2012.

Ramesh Parameswaran, founder and CEO said, “We are pleased that the WinDocks Early Evaluation Program will enable DevOps to get started on Windows based Docker development. The WinDocks Beta release is on-track for October, and our growing collaboration with Microsoft will ensure a smooth upgrade path for our customers.”

WinDocks has emerged from stealth and launched a Kickstarter project to fund the launch of the WinDocks beta. The team claims that the technical risks have been addressed and hurdles crossed and that from a development perspective the project is nearly complete.

The WinDocks development team has been working on the project without salaries, though, and WinDocks needs some additional resources to reach the finish line—hence the Kickstarter project. The stated purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to fund an expansion of the development team and community technical support. As of right now the Kickstarter project does not have any backers or funds, but there are still 37 days left in the campaign.

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