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So it begins: TechSpective launches a YouTube channel

It’s finally here…for what it’s worth: The inaugural video for the TechSpective YouTube channel in which I talk about why cats are assholes, and go through the piles of devices, books, and gadgets cluttering my office waiting for me to review them.

I have planned on starting a video channel and/or podcast of some sort for years. I’m a big fan of Chris Pirillo and Robert Scoble–both prolific video producers in different ways.

I’ve put it off until now primarily because I thought it should be perfect and I didn’t have the time to make it perfect so I just never did it at all. What video and audio hardware should I use to record it? What topics should it talk about? How long should it be? What should I call it? What software should I use to edit the content? Etc?

The list goes on–which is why it’s a couple years later and all I’ve got is a really nice microphone collecting dust on my desk, and this rough inaugural video. Far from perfect, but here it is:

Now, I already have a lengthy laundry list of things that are wrong with this video:

  • The intro sucks. In fact, it probably shouldn’t have the intro at all.
  • Much of the video was recorded in portrait (blasphemy!).
  • The audio quality is shady.
  • I’m not sure about those transitions between clips.

I’m looking for your feedback–please comment here on this post or on the video on YouTube to share your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.

It is what it is, though. I promise it will improve (dramatically) over time in both quality of content and quality of production–especially with your suggestions and feedback.

Watch the video. Subscribe to the TechSpective YouTube channel. Share it with your friends.

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