State of Containers survey provides insight into challenges

Containers are a hot concept and it seems like any company doing software development is trying to figure out how to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of containers. As great as containers can be, there are also issues and challenges to face.

Ruxit and O’Reilly Media recently teamed up to produce a study that provides some insight into container technologies: The State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem 2015:

Containers continue to revolutionize app development and deployment and drive adoption of microservices. As organizations scramble to embrace container technologies there are also hurdles to overcome and issues to resolve. Ruxit teamed up with O’Reilly Media to conduct a survey and produce The State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem 2015 report to gain insight into adoption, use, and challenges of container technologies—with a specific focus on Docker.

To gather data for the study Ruxit commissioned O’Reilly Media to survey members of its community to learn more about how they use or plan to use containers. The report is based on a rather small sampling of only 138 responses, but the respondents represent a broad range of perspectives including software, consulting, publishing and media, education, cloud services, retail, and government. Thirteen percent of the respondents were from organizations with more than 10,000 employees, but about half were from companies with fewer than 500 employees.

The report covers some of the impressive stats for Docker—pointing out that since its launch in March of 2013 more than 800 million containers have been pulled from the public Docker Hub. The public Docker Hub is also only one facet of Docker containers so that doesn’t even tell the whole story.

Here are some of the key findings from The State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem 2015 report:

  • More than 93 percent of respondents are already using or plan to use containers for development, testing, or production.
  • The vast majority (78 percent) are opting for Docker.
  • Fast and easy deployment is the most important reason for using Docker (85 percent).
  • Within the next 6-12 months, over half (53 percent) of all respondents plan to adopt containers in production.

Check out the full post on ContainerJournal: Survey: The State of Containers and the Docker Ecosystem 2015.

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