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Dropbox tightens security with new partnerships

Dropbox has taken some heat at times over security (or lack thereof) issues. As Dropbox seeks to win more business customers it needs to do more to provide the kind of security and data protection companies need–especially companies in regulated industries that have to yield to compliance mandates.

This week Dropbox partnered with Vera and Okta to deliver more robust end-to-end security for customers:

Vera announced this week a new partnership with Dropbox and Okta designed to provide customers with advanced security tools to protect data without impeding usability. Dropbox emerged as a consumer favorite for cloud storage thanks to its ease of use, but as Dropbox strives to win business customers it needs to provide more robust security and data protection tools.

Vera explains that it provides a first-of-its-kind solution that enables businesses to easily secure and track digital information across all platform and devices. According to Vera, it enables comprehensive data security and real-time control with a seamless, uninterrupted user experience, empowering people to use any platform and device they want while ensuring the highest levels of security, visibility and control.

Sounds like the sort of peace of mind Dropbox users need—particularly businesses trusting sensitive customer or business data with Dropbox.

Vera isn’t the only element of the new security ecosystem at Dropbox. The partnership also includes Okta—which provides a strong identity management and authentication solution. Okta provides the foundation to ensure secure connections between users and Dropbox, and Vera delivers comprehensive security for the data that is transferred back and forth or stored within Dropbox.

“Securing critical business information in the cloud, all the way to last-mile endpoints like laptops, mobile devices, and even the Internet of Things has long been the Holy Grail of cloud and SaaS-based services,” said Ajay Arora, CEO and Co-founder of Vera. “Today Vera, Dropbox, and Okta have teamed-up and taken a major step-forward in achieving that goal and unlocking access to public cloud platforms for any kind of company, especially in financial services, legal and healthcare.”

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