ContainerX promises ‘plug-n-play’ container platform

Containers are one of the hottest things in IT right now. As container adoption has become mainstream, though, more issues and weaknesses have been identified, which has led to a proliferation of companies emerging to attempt to solve those problems. One of the newest kids on the container block is ContainerX:

One of the interesting things that occurs in business is the evolution as people struggling in the trenches take matters into their own hands, or as employees get the inspiration to take off on their own with an innovative approach to address a unique challenge. A group of former Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware engineers teamed up to develop ContainerX, which they call an all-inclusive, ready-to-go container platform designed for enterprise IT admins.

Containers are nothing new and there is already a wide array of major players in the market. Docker is a household name, and tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, and Intel have developed container technologies. The founders of ContainerX, however, set out to address a challenge they perceived—to create a comprehensive container platform to enable IT admins to implement, manage, and maintain a container ecosystem more quickly and easily than competing container solutions.

“With traditional virtual machine infrastructures, enterprise IT faces two fundamental issues: operating system management and the lack of application-level agility. Containers have the potential to address both of these critical issues and therefore become a fundamental building block of the datacenter of the future,” explained Kiran Kamity, CEO and co-founder of ContainerX. “ContainerX is a plug-n-play container platform that is designed specifically for IT admins who are not looking for a DIY project. It is transforming the enterprise journey, shaping data centers of the future and furthering the promise of containers.”

ContainerX lists a variety of features and benefits that it believes set its container platform apart.

You can read the whole story at ContainerJournal: Former Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware engineers launch new container platform.

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