The Almost Internet Famous Weekly TechSpective Happy Hour – Episode #10


It’s back! The “holiday hiatus” lasted a bit longer than intended, but now The Almost Internet Famous Weekly TechSpective Happy Hour is back. We kick off 2016 with Episode 10.

For 2016 I decided to change things up slightly. It’s still a weekly podcast, and it’s still a happy hour kickoff for the weekend–but with more enjoying new beverages and less trying to pretend to critique them. It’s also still a discussion of tech and recent tech news, but with more discussion and additional insight and less rehashing of the blog posts, which you already read or can easily go read by visiting TechSpective.

So, with that as our foundation for the year, let’s get started. This week I had a Guinness Draught and talked about a few different pieces of Microsoft news. The episode focused on the new capability of Cortana to scan your emails and help you keep commitments you make, the review of the Surface Book, and my thoughts on Surface Phone and how Microsoft can gain some traction in the mobile arena.

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