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Learn How to Effectively Monitor and Protect Your Data

When we talk about network and endpoint security, we would ideally like to prevent unauthorized access or compromise completely. That simply isn’t practical, though. Ultimately, what we want to protect and defend is the data housed on the network and endpoints–and that can be a complex job when data is being shared and transferred around the world.

Vera–one of the sponsor’s of the TechSpective website–is hosting a webcast next Wednesday, April 27. The session, titled “Data Security Success Metrics From the Fortune 100” will be presented by Grant Shirk, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Vera.

The session will show you how Vera gives you detailed, actionable dashboards and metrics to:

  • Track exactly where your data has traveled
  • Monitor unauthorized access attempts to your content
  • Revoke anyone’s access in one click, internally or in unmanaged domains
  • Effectively diagnose your security and compliance posture for the Board

Register now and mark your calendar to attend the event. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

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