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Former Veritas CEO Joins Board of Vera

In an ideal world we would be able to detect and prevent all attacks and our networks and devices would never be compromised in the first place. That Utopian vision is pure fantasy, though. No matter how hard we try, exploits, malware, and other attacks will sometimes succeed. Ultimately, one of the most critical goals of security is to protect data—and that is why Vera is making waves.

Vera has been one of the hot security startups because it focuses on protecting data—all kinds of data, no matter where it goes. Today, Vera announced a notable new addition to its board of directors, and more venture capital support.

Let’s start with the new member of the Vera board of directors. Mark Leslie, the founder, chairman, and former CEO of Veritas Software is joining the Vera board. Leslie has more than three decades of experience in Silicon Valley, and he has been at the helm of three different tech startups in that timeframe. Leslie brings significant wisdom and insight that will help Vera achieve its goal of becoming a trusted standard for securing and sharing business data.

Mark Leslie

Ajay Arora, CEO and co-founder of Vera shares some praise for Leslie. “He’s actively earned the nickname the ‘Godfather’ of modern enterprise SaaS sales and I’m honored to welcome him to our board. Mark only works with a select few fast-growth, high-potential companies and we’re thrilled to be amongst those he’s chosen.”

“Protecting information and highly sensitive data is a must have, not a nice to have, for businesses today,” said Leslie. “Other security startups have made similar pitches, but there was something profoundly different about Vera. Vera is leading a new class of security startups working globally to secure data in a completely new way, but what I was most impressed by was the caliber of customers and the rapid adoption of Vera’s technology. These are the early market indicators that signal strong potential for success and I’m pleased to join Vera’s board at this exciting time.”

In addition to the news of Leslie joining the board, Vera also revealed that it has closed a strategic investment from Capital One Growth Ventures. That investment brings Vera’s series B funding to $35 million.

Adam Boutin, Principal at Capital One Growth Ventures explains why the firm chose to put its resources into Vera. “With data breaches at an all-time high, the concept that security must be embedded directly into the entire enterprise software, hardware and data stack, holds true more than ever. What’s most exciting about working with the Vera team is that they’re helping enterprises solve a massive security challenge: securing and sharing information, at a global scale.”

Organizations are beginning to understand that there is no such thing as absolute security. The traditional security model offers some degree of protection, but can’t be relied on to prevent all attacks. Whether an attacker gets into your network or compromises a device, what’s important is ensuring that sensitive data is protected. Vera promises to deliver that protection, and with the venture capital funding and additional wisdom on the board of directors it is poised to continue its growth.

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