Vera Webinar: Protect Files, Beyond Dropbox & Email

Join Vera on Thursday, May 26 at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific for a free webinar entitled, Protect Files, Beyond Dropbox & Email. Grant Shirk, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Vera, is the featured speaker.

While some organizations sanction the use of cloud services like Dropbox, some attempt to ban it, and others reluctantly embrace it. Whether it’s approved, or being used in secret though, Dropbox and other cloud services are probably being used within your organization. This webinar will talk about what you can do to control access to your data, and track when files are downloaded or sent via email. Join Vera and other security leaders for a 30-minute group demonstration to see how Vera can automatically secure your files, and help you control access to your data no matter where it may travel.

The session will show you how Vera’s data security platform can:

  • Restrict user access to Dropbox files, even after they’re downloaded
  • Block copy/paste, printing, and editing, anywhere
  • Track where files are being opened, anywhere in the world
  • Revoke access to confidential information, even on unmanaged devices

Register today for this complimentary live demo: Protect Files, Beyond Dropbox & Email.

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