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HashiCorp Strengthens Security of its DevOps Suite with Vault Enterprise

HashiCorp recently unveiled Vault Enterprise–expanding the security capabilities of its DevOps infrastructure suite. HashiCorp has taken the approach of aggregating an array of effective–often best of breed–open source tools, and pooling them together to create a powerful DevOps platform.

HashiCorp, a DevOps infrastructure company known for its Atlas platform that combines a variety of powerful open-source tools, recently announced Vault Enterprise. HashiCorp describes Vault Enterprise as a comprehensive security solution for DevOps infrastructure. Vault Enterprise is the foundation for security in the HashiCorp DevOps infrastructure suite.

Open source is a virtual necessity for effective DevOps—forming a close symbiotic relationship. I explained in the DevOps and Open Source report published earlier this year, “There are some significant advantages with FOSS (free and open-source software). With a proprietary, closed-source application there are very few people with access to look at the code. Recent incidents with SSH backdoors demonstrate that closed most certainly does not mean secure. When the code is open those types of backdoors can be quickly spotted and resolved.”

With the addition of Vault Enterprise, the HashiCorp suite is now comprised of:

  • Vault Enterprise – Empowers security teams to collaborate, validate, and enforce security policies
  • Terraform Enterprise – Empowers operations teams to collaborate, validate, and provision infrastructure
  • Nomad Enterprise – Empowers development teams to collaborate, validation, and deploy applications
  • Consul Enterprise – Empowers all teams to monitor the complete stack

Vault Enterprise is not entirely new. It builds on the open-source Vault to enable security teams to define and enforce security policy and secrets management across distributed infrastructure.

“The shift to highly elastic, microservice architectures requires a different approach to security. Static network-based security is poorly equipped to handle the dynamic application-centric infrastructures being built today,” said Armon Dadgar, co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp. “Vault Enterprise enables organizations to adopt DevOps practices in their approach to security and keep pace with development and operations teams that are adopting DevOps.”

See the full post at HashiCorp Vault Enterprise Secures DevOps Infrastructure.

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