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Why Sauce Labs Chose Sumo Logic

One of the most important elements of streamlining DevOps is effective troubleshooting and monitoring of performance so that improvements can be made as efficiently as possible. Log management and analysis is a crucial source of information for this effort, and that’s why Sauce Labs decided to go with Sumo Logic.

Log management and analysis is a crucial element of effective DevOps. In an effort to work more effectively and efficiently at the same time, gathering and analyzing feedback provides essential input that organizations can use to correct issues and enhance performance. There are a variety of log management tools out there, but Sauce Labs solved its log management and analysis challenge with Sumo Logic. recently had a chance to sit down with Joe Alfaro, VP of Products for Sauce Labs, to talk about the decision to go with Sumo Logic’s software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based log management solution.

Prior to making the switch to Sumo Logic, Sauce Labs was using an ELK stack for log management. Alfaro explained that the ELK stack was tedious to maintain. “Our ELK-based solution required constant care and feeding. We were always having to make sure we had enough disk space and we were always fixing bugs or adding new features. We had a small team dedicated to management of this solution. In addition, it was difficult to bring developers up to speed on the tool, since documentation was not always kept up to date and there were no training materials.”

The effort required to troubleshoot and maintain the tool itself got in the way of Sauce Labs’ ability to use the tool to debug production issues, and used precious developer resources that were needed elsewhere. Sauce Labs decided it needed a new tool—something that was very flexible and cloud-based, so the company wouldn’t need to worry about maintenance or storage.

To find this new tool, Sauce Labs did proof-of-concept testing with a handful of well-known vendors: Graylog, Loggly, Splunk and Sumo Logic. Alfaro was emphatic about the Sumo Logic experience. “Implementation was ridiculously easy. We were up and running within a day,” he said, adding, “Sumo won out as it has the combination of: ease of use, includes all of the features we wanted, is cloud-based and within our budget.”

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