Illumio Adaptive security Platform

Illumio Expands Capabilities of Adaptive Security Platform

The technology and threat landscapes are evolving rapidly, but many organizations are still struggling to defend themselves with traditional security solutions that are not equipped to handle the job. Illumio recently extended the features and capabilities of its Adaptive Security Platform to help customers adapt and protect themselves.

Networks often are complex and expansive. It’s easy to think of them as a singular entity, but the array of devices that interconnect, route and segment the network can make monitoring and managing security a challenge. Illumio hopes to address that challenge and help organizations implement security that is simultaneously easier and more comprehensive with changes to its Adaptive Security Platform.

According to Illumio, the Adaptive Security Platform is being extended to enable companies to embrace network segmentation for data centers and cloud applications without sacrificing security.


“One of the biggest challenges in security is battling complexity and that’s amplified by increasing heterogeneity that we see in customer data centers and cloud environments. Legacy infrastructure combined with virtualization and cloud means there is opportunity for coordinated points of policy enforcement,” said Eric Hanselman, chief analyst of 451 Research. “We see segmentation in depth addressing a real requirement for customers who are looking to both strengthen security and simplify operations by centralizing and harmonizing policy and enforcement across different environments.”

“As segmentation becomes the core strategy for data center and cloud security, organizations are now looking at how other elements of their compute environment can be used to enforce these policies,” said PJ Kirner, chief technology officer and founder of Illumio. “Our customers have asked us to efficiently coordinate policy across their data center and cloud environments, simplifying management of the security control plane.”

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