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StackRox Emerges from Stealth to Take On Evolving Container Threats

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are embracing container technologies. Containers enable developers to create, deploy and manage applications in bite-size pieces that can easily be spawned or destroyed to meet the volatile needs of a dynamic cloud environment. Those containers can also expose organizations and applications to risks and vulnerabilities—which requires a security solution that can keep up. That is the issue StackRox was created to address.

According to a 451 Research study, 52 percent of enterprises that have already adopted containers are using them in production on some level. However, in the rush to adopt DevOps practices and container technologies, many of these organizations don’t yet fully understand the security implications of a container ecosystem and are trying to protect containers using traditional security tools. Those tools are not equipped to view activity within containers and generally cannot keep up with the rapid rate of change in a standard container environment.

“Enterprises are rapidly moving to containers to help them develop and ship code faster. To successfully make this transition, enterprises need a platform that gives them confidence in the security of those containers,” said Jon Chu, former enterprise group lead for Docker who is now at Opendoor. “StackRox is a sophisticated, scalable security platform to meet those needs, and will be a critical component for enterprises as they look to move production workloads to containers.”

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“Our team has worked tirelessly over the past three years to deliver a better approach to security: a truly dynamic security platform that unifies detection, prevention, and response,” said Sameer Bhalotra, CEO and co-founder of StackRox. “From day one, we’ve worked closely with visionary CSOs to conceive and create a new kind of security platform that is carefully designed to advance our field.”

StackRox was developed from the ground up with containers in mind, and employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable it to adapt as quickly as the shifting container ecosystem. StackRox provides a single platform that provides high-resolution visibility of the container environment, detection of threats and suspicious activity, and streamlined security operations.

StackRox shared some of the highlights of the StackRox platform:

  • Container auto-discovery with fingerprinting
    StackRox automatically discovers every container across your environment. Patent-pending microservice fingerprinting technology enables rapid, reliable identification of both known and rogue containers, giving you a concisely organized view of your applications.
  • Advanced network visualizations
    StackRox renders interactive, detailed visualizations of your container network in real time, giving you a clear depiction of connections between containers, microservices, and applications.
  • Insights from an entire ocean of container signals
    StackRox continuously monitors a vast collection of signals including system calls, network traffic, and Docker events, transforming them into meaningful security insights with dramatically less noise.
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“Enterprises are increasingly looking to startups to deliver bold security solutions,” said Ron Gula, formerly of the National Security Agency, and co-founder of Tenable Network Security. “StackRox has delivered a true breakthrough in deep visibility and adaptive machine learning for container environments. It’s a powerful runtime defense platform for containers in production.”

StackRox is generally available now. Pricing is on a subscription basis per node per year, including enterprise support. StackRox will be at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas at the end of this month. Set up a time to learn more about StackRox and watch a demonstration.

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