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Malcolm Harkins Talks about #ThinkBeyond

Inner Circle Podcast: Episode 001

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our new Inner Circle podcast.

We wanted to find a way to simultaneously spotlight interesting products and knowledgeable experts, while also providing additional value for the TechSpective audience–so the Inner Circle podcast was born. Each week we will invite a guest or guests to join us to chat. We might talk about breaking news from the tech world in general, or products and research, or upcoming events. We might just talk about Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Marvel vs. DC, or Xbox vs. PS4. Who knows? You’ll have to tune in to find out. We will also use the Inner Circle podcast to provide you with more value from TechSpective sponsors.


TechSpective shares content on a wide variety of technology and computer security topics, and publishes reviews of various gadgets and devices. The reason we’re able to provide that value, however, is because of the sponsors that support TechSpective. You see them called out at the top right of the site, and the logos are displayed as you scroll down the site and on our email newsletters. Their display ads are shared throughout the website as well. We also know that most people tune that stuff out and few will actually click on logos or display ads to learn more. Inviting TechSpective sponsors to share interesting news and events on the Inner Circle podcast is a win-win for you, the TechSpective audience, as well as for the TechSpective sponsors.

My guest for this first episode of the Inner Circle podcast is Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer for Cylance. We discuss some of the challenges innovative companies face trying to gain traction in a market driven by analyst reports, and the need to realize the scope and limitations of those reports and #ThinkBeyond when choosing a solution for your company.

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