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Chris Bray Talks about Cylance Smart Antivirus

Inner Circle Podcast: Episode 012

Chris Bray, senior vice president and general manager for consumer products at Cylance, is my guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast. Chris joins me to talk about the new offering Cylance has for the consumer market, and what sets Cylance Smart Antivirus apart from competitors in the consumer antimalware space.

Antimalware is primarily reactive–attackers get the first move and then security vendors race to reverse-engineer the new threat and develop a signature that will enable customers to detect and avoid that threat in the future–assuming they’ve updated and applied the latest signatures.


Cylance was created to break that model and come up with a more proactive defense. Cylance has been leading new innovation in antimalware and endpoint protection since the company first launched. Mathematical algorithms and machine learning give Cylance a unique edge over competing antimalware and endpoint protection solutions–a predictive advantage that enables Cylance to identify and block emerging threats even if the software hasn’t been updated for months–or years.

Chris and I also talk about the pricing for Cylance Smart Antivirus. Many consumers are jaded about antimalware in general after having various options forced on them as bloatware when they purchase new computers, and they’re tired of the sort of bait-and-switch pricing deals that often come with things like antimalware products, internet service, cable TV, wireless service and other consumer goods and services. Everybody likes to get a good deal, but nobody likes it when the deal ends a year later and the price jumps sharply higher.

Listen to this episode to learn more about what sets Cylance Smart Antivirus apart from competing antimalware solutions. For some reason, the audio from my end is a bit choppy at times. My apologies in advance for the poor audio quality.



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