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Richard Stiennon Discusses His New Book ‘Secure Cloud Transformation’

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 023

My guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast is Richard Stiennon. Richard has been waist-deep in cybersecurity for decades. He is a former Gartner analyst, who went on to be a VP of Threat Research at Webroot, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Fortinet, before launching his own analyst firm. Along the way, he has also authored a few books–including the recently launched ‘Secure Cloud Transformation: The CIO’s Journey‘.

He is also a fellow Detroiter. Yes, I live outside of Houston and I’ve been in Texas since 2007–but that doesn’t make me Texan. I am still a Detroiter…who happens to live in Texas outside of Houston. But, I digress.

Richard and I talk about the Secure Cloud Transformation and some of the common trends and pitfalls that organizations seem to face in their cloud and digital transformation journeys. His personal experience in the cybersecurity trenches and his years of researching and analyzing the trends and technologies in the cybersecurity industry enable him to share a unique, and valuable perspective on the subject.

You should check out the book–but first listen to the podcast. Feel free to comment below to share your opinions, ask questions, and let me know what you think.


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