Jack Daniel Talks about RSA, BSides, Tiki Bars and Standup Comedy


Inner Circle Podcast Episode 024

There are few individuals in the cybersecurity world as immediately recognizable as Jack Daniel. His height and his iconic beard distinguish him from the crowd just about anywhere. But, what really makes Jack stand out is his kindness and generosity. Jack is known to be a bit of a curmudgeon–but beneath a very thin shell of “curmudgery”, Jack has a huge heart.

I’ve known Jack for years and I have the utmost respect for him–both as a cybersecurity professional and as a human being. For a brief period while I was at Tenable, we were also co-workers. It was my honor to have Jack join me as a guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast.

Most of my podcasts center around a particular theme–a product or event, or at least around a central question. Not this one. Jack and I talk about a wide range of things from the recent RSA Conference and the BSides conferences that are held around the world, to The Shoulders of InfoSec Project, to some of his extra-curricular activities like venturing into stand-up comedy, or his affinity for tiki bars.

Get yourself a caipirinha, kick back, and enjoy my conversation with Jack Daniel. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, or if you want to share some feedback about the podcast. Also–stay tuned at the end to listen to the rest of the new podcast music–Summer Silk by UrbanPunks.



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