Jeff Man Chats about His NSA Origin Story and the State of Cybersecurity Today


Inner Circle Podcast Episode 025

This week I have the privilege of speaking with Jeff Man. Jeff and I have known each other for a few years–since our days together at Tenable. Neither of us is at Tenable any longer and we’ve gone our separate ways, but I caught up with him recently during RSA and I appreciate that he was willing to take the time to join me for the Inner Circle podcast.

Jeff is a respected voice in cybersecurity. As a contributor to the book Tribe of Hackers, co-host of Paul’s Security Weekly, and a frequent speaker at cybersecurity events, he is always willing to share his insight and experience with others.

It was a very interesting conversation–diving into Jeff’s early days in cybersecurity at the NSA and the lessons he learned there. We also talked about what unique insight being in the NSA gives him and whether or not coming from the NSA might make him more jaded about the current or potential state of cybersecurity.

Jeff’s insight is in high demand. He is making the conference circuit, touring the world presenting on cybersecurity. Here are some of the upcoming events Jeff will be at if you want to catch up with him:

You can connect with Jeff on Twitter at @MrJeffMan.


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