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Mike Elgan Discusses Tech Journalism and the Joys of Being a Nomad

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 043

I’ve been writing about cybersecurity and technology since 2002. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet many awesome writers and interesting people. One person who falls into both categories is Mike Elgan. Mike is someone I admire for his skill, his integrity, and his sense of adventure–so it was a distinct honor to have him join me for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast.

Mike and I discuss the state of tech journalism–and the issues posed by access journalism and social media. Readers–like you–expect to get value out of the time invested in reading a story. It is the duty of the writer to have objectivity and integrity when sharing news–or even when offering opinions. Journalism based on inside or early access can taint the underlying story, and the drive to get the most likes and shares on social media results in behavior that does not put the emphasis on the audience.

One of the other things that Mike and I talk about is his nomadic existence. He and his wife travel the world–unencumbered by a mortgage or rent at home. They aren’t paying utilities for a home they don’t even live in, and they don’t have a vehicle collecting dust in the United States. Elgan and his wife take up residence in an AirBNB or similar rental property in other countries for weeks or months at a time. They don’t just travel and visit other countries as run-of-the-mill tourists–they live in and experience the culture at a much deeper level. It is definitely something to consider–especially if you have the type of job that allows you to work remote and doesn’t tether you to a specific place anyway.

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