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Fabian Wosar Joins Me to Chat about Ransomware and Data Privacy

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 047

My guest for this episode is Fabian Wosar, CTO of Emsisoft. Emsisoft is a New Zealand-based maker of antimalware and endpoint security solutions that has established itself as a leader in the fight against ransomware.

This is a really awesome conversation–so much so that we got off topic very quickly and never really got back to it. I promise to have Fabian back again soon so we can delve more deeply into the battle against ransomware and Emsisoft’s role in that effort.

We digress pretty early into the realm of data privacy and end user license agreements (EULA) and the concept that nothing is really free. The basic premise is that if a company is offering you a product for “free”, it’s because you’re actually the product. The reason they’re able to offer you the product for free is that they are generally collecting demographic and usage data that can be sold to companies and leveraged for more targeted advertising or other similar efforts.

Fabian and I talk about the current state of data privacy and some of the challenges that consumers face. Individuals have to try and determine which companies to trust with their personal data in exchange for features and benefits that make life more convenient. We also discuss the fact that some relationships are not optional–like the data collected and stored by government agencies or credit bureau organizations, and the data privacy implications of that.

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