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How to Protect Apps from Hackers

The usage of technology is increasing day-by-day, and so are the risks. Many times, it has happened that you try using different apps without understanding potential threats. Considering that, it is always essential to opt for penetration testing. Pen testing is a common procedure of routine security testing activities, protecting your app from hackers. Especially for high-profile organizations, it is of utmost importance; otherwise, you leave yourself exposed to hackers obtaining access and compromising your crucial information.

According to statistics, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds. It signifies how essential it is to protect your app, and for that, you require penetration testing. In this article, get to know everything about penetration testing.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a proactive and authorized effort used to access the system. It provides details on service errors, misconfigurations, unsafe end-user behaviors, etc. The outcome of the test is to exploit critical vulnerabilities that can destroy crucial data, disrupt the functioning of business operations, or stealing sensitive details, etc. It can be done in various ways, and they are:

  • Black Box testing

    The Black Box Pentest includes testing the system without any prior information about its internal working. The input is provided by the tester and he observes the output generated by the system. Here no code is required, and it is known as data-driven and functional testing.

  • White Box testing

    The white box testing includes coding, internal structure, and designing of software are tested. It verifies the input and output flow and enhances usability, design, and security. It is also known as clear box and structural testing.

  • Gray Box testing

    It is a process for software debugging where the tester has limited information about the program. It is unbiased and non-intrusive, and there is no need to access the source code and is known as translucent testing.

In all the above three, black box penetration is highly effective, and your organization will probably prefer using it. Here are a few reasons why a black box pen test is better:

  • Detecting vulnerabilities and arranging security threats. A black box pen test estimates the ability of a business organization to defend its network, applications, endpoints, users, external attempts of eliminating unapproved access, and many more things. The outcome of the threat provides details of faulty processes, following which IT professionals can arrange remediation efforts. It can more efficiently deal with security threats and remove unauthorized access.
  • Monitoring necessities and evading penalties. The IT professionals will address the entire auditing facets of procedures. The complete report that you get after performing the test can guide organizations to evade penalties. It helps in illustrating ongoing diligence by maintaining security controls to auditors.
  • Schedules assessments and analysis. The test regularly schedules assessments and analysis, which gives you an updated report. As a result, you will have recent updates, following which you can take the necessary steps to protect your organization. In case you do not prefer to go with penetration testing, you will not have updated details. Thus, it can affect the reputation of your company.
  • Protecting company’s image and the loyalty of customers. If a single detail about the customers gets leaked from the company’s end, it can have a huge impact on the brand name. All these things can create a negative impression on viewers and put reliability at stake. That’s why; conducting penetration testing from time to time is of utmost importance. It protects your organization and retains the loyalty of customers.
  • Circumventing the downtime rate of network. Recovering from security flaws is difficult and expensive. It includes retention programs, IT remediation efforts, legal activities, customer protection, reduced revenues, discouraged trade associates, dropped employee output, etc. However, penetration testing helps in evading all the financial setbacks and detecting the threats while addressing them. It helps in eliminating the security threats before taking place.

Signing off

Penetration testing should be carried out frequently through experienced professionals. It scrutinizes internet-connected systems and discloses all information regarding the weakness or potential threats. It helps your organization to increase the use of the mobile application without fearing hackers. In a way, you are making the apps resistant to hacking, and it is a significant task. With that, you can protect the reputation of your brand and stop hackers from attacking your organization.

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