TechSpective Podcast Sam Curry

Sam Curry Discusses Privacy, Data Ownership, and Business Continuity

TechSpective Podcast Episode 057

We frequently see data referred to as the “new oil” or the “lifeblood of business.” Hyperbolic catch phrases aside, though, data is everywhere. All of the things are data. As the rate of data creation skyrockets exponentially, we are struggling as a global community with how to store it, or protect it, and what are the moral and ethical contracts we make related to our data.

Sam Curry, CSO of Cybereason, joins me for this episode of the TechSpective podcast to talk about a variety of things related to data privacy and ownership. Sam shares some thoughts on who owns the rights to an individual’s data and whether or not that individual retains the right to be compensated for the use of their data.

Listen to the podcast for more insight from Sam on data privacy and ownership, as well as defending against ransomware and the pitfalls of developing and maintaining a business continuity plan. We also talk about the books we’re reading right now, and a few things about Sam that you might not know about if you don’t listen to the podcast.

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