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Andy Ellis Shares Insights on Leadership (and DC Comics)

TechSpective Podcast Episode 058

What does it take to be a good leader? Well, if anyone should know, it would be my guest for this week’s episode, Andy Ellis. Andy Ellis is known throughout the cybersecurity industry as a Hall of Fame CSO, former CSO of Akamai, and a diehard New England Patriots fan. As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, though, I have to say it’s easy to be a loyal fan of a team that wins. I’m not salty. Just sharing facts. Andy recently left Akamai to embark on a new journey–or journeys. He has joined YL Ventures as an Operating Partner, and he is hard at work writing a book on leadership.

He told me that the book started off being about decision-making, but he determined that making good decisions often comes down to a question of good leadership. So, the focus has evolved to be about what it takes to be a good leader, which will ostensibly lead to good decision-making as well.

Check out the podcast for more Andy on decision making and what it takes to be a good leader. We also talk about crucially important matters such as Marvel vs. DC and Andy shares some insights on the DC universe..

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