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Jack Danahy Discusses Why “Cybersecurity-as-a-Service” Makes the Most Sense

TechSpective Podcast Episode 060

Jack Danahy joined me for this episode of the TechSpective Podcast. I had the opportunity to work with and for Jack during our time together at Alert Logic, which acquired Barkly, a company he had co-founded. Prior to Barkly, Jack had been involved in launching other successful cybersecurity startups. Currently, he is using his years of experience and wisdom gained from working in the cybersecurity industry to act as an advisor and analyst for clients.

One of the main things we talked about is the state of cybersecurity today and what the future holds–or should hold. Jack shared why he believes that the logical direction for cybersecurity is for it to fully embrace the “as-a-Service” model. Some things you can do yourself, while for others it makes sense to work with professionals. If something is relatively simple to do, and/or the margin for error or consequences of messing it up are not very profound, then sure–do it yourself. However, if it is something that is complex and rapidly-evolving, and mistakes can have a significant impact, that is something you want to work with an expert on. Cybersecurity definitely falls into the latter camp.

Enjoy the full episode to learn more about Jack’s philosophy on cybersecurity and how to address the challenges we face today. We also talk about the importance of marketing and how to effectively tell a story and help people understand rather than just trying to “sell” them something.

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