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Marcus Carey Shares Insight on Getting Started in a Tech or Cybersecurity Career

TechSpective Podcast Episode 073

My guest for this episode is my friend Marcus Carey. Marcus is currently an Enterprise Architect at ReliaQuest. He was founder and CEO of ThreatCare–which was acquired by ReliaQuest–and he is the creator of the ‘Tribe of Hackers‘ book series. He is also well known on social media for being a job opening matchmaker and his willingness to help out people who are trying to get into a career in tech or cybersecurity.

The job market is always evolving. Sometimes it is more volatile than others. Industries fade into history as new technologies and innovations make them obsolete.

For example, as the automobile became the default mode of transportation, people who worked making horseshoes, or wagon wheels suddenly found that their skills were no longer in demand. More recently, we have also experienced massive job loss due to financial meltdown or the economic chaos of getting through a pandemic.

In almost every case, though, as some jobs become unnecessary, new industries are desperately seeking people with the right skills to help drive and maintain momentum. That is where many technology and cybersecurity companies are today. The challenge for people who are looking for a job is to acquire the knowledge and skills that job openings are looking for.

It is–and maybe always will be–still a challenge to get in the door in the first place. Many organizations use automated filters and algorithms to sift through résumés and the requirements listed for a given job are often ludicrous or unreasonable. That said, technology and cybersecurity are industries that have a huge need for people, and it’s possible to get the education and training you need to break into the industry with little or no financial investment.

If you are not already following Marcus on Twitter, go follow @marcusjcarey right now. Check out the full episode for more insights from Marcus on training and certifications for tech and cybersecurity roles. Stay to the end to find out about our preferred whiskeys or bourbons.

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