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Kevin Robinson Chats about Wi-Fi Security

TechSpective Podcast Episode 078

Wi-Fi security is plagued by some incorrect or outdated myths and misperceptions. Some stories refuse to die no matter how much time goes on or how verifiably false they are. For example, a significant percentage of people are positive that Stella Liebeck was just clumsy and trying to cash in–and that she got a payout of hundreds of millions of dollars from McDonald’s after spilling coffee on herself. The reality is, almost none of that is true.

When it comes to Wi-Fi security, the stubborn story is built on an a truth–but it is a truth that has been outdated for over a decade. Once upon a time in the early days of Wi-Fi, the WEP encryption was flawed and easily cracked, and earned Wi-Fi security a bad reputation. A lot has changed since then, though, both with Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi technology in general. Bottom line–this is not your father’s Wi-Fi.

Kevin Robinson, Senior VP of Marketing for Wi-Fi Alliance, joins me on this episode of the TechSpective Podcast to debunk some common misperceptions and share some of the cutting edge features and capabilities of the current generation of Wi-Fi and WPA3 encryption.

Check out the full episode for insights from Kevin about the current state of Wi-Fi technology and Wi-Fi security. We also talk about the many ways that WPA3 improves and enhances security–particularly for things like connecting to open networks like public hotspots, and the ways that Wi-Fi technology has enabled companies and individuals to maintain productivity in the past year-plus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The podcast itself is audio only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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