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Anton Chuvakin Talks about XDR (Extended Detection and Response)

TechSpective Podcast Episode 082

There is a steady evolution and progress of security in response to an ongoing game of cat and mouse with cyber attackers. As attackers adapt and innovate new tools and techniques, the way we approach cybersecurity has to change as well–both strategically and tactically. Extended Detection and Response–or XDR–seems to be the next thing.

My guest for this episode is my friend Anton Chuvakin. I have known Anton for many, many years–dating back before our work together on the original publication of PCI Compliance. Since then, Anton went on to be a Gartner analyst, and eventually joined Google Chronicle in a role that has evolved to where he is now as head of Security Solution Strategy for Google Cloud.

There are two reasons I wanted to have the XDR conversation with Anton. First, Anton is credited with coining the term Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) while he was at Gartner. EDR had supplanted traditional and next-gen antivirus as the de facto endpoint protection solution, but in the years since then, the scope has expanded beyond the endpoint to encompass the whole environment–the “extended” part of XDR.

Actually, that is just one variation on how we got to XDR. It is not the only path–as Anton and I discuss. The second reason I wanted to chat with Anton about XDR is that he just recently joined Richard Stiennon to lead the XDR Demo Forum. There were roughly 30 vendors participating in that event–with a diverse array of tools and technologies with the name XDR slapped on the front. That gives Anton a uniquely broad and fresh perspective on the state of XDR and what is working best.

Check out the full episode for more about the state and future of XDR, as well as other fun and interesting discussions–including a chat about the triumphs and challenges of driving a Tesla.

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