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Microsoft is on the right track for the long haul

Adam Hartung is not shy when it comes to expressing his disdain for Microsoft–and more precisely Steve Ballmer. However, that disdain also belies an underlying bias or agenda that makes his “analysis” of Microsoft suspect.

Hartung believes that the ship has already sailed and the demise of Microsoft is inevitable. Microsoft will fail…hard and fast. Hartung predicts that Microsoft will sell off entire business units to stay afloat, and slash its workforce by nearly 60,000 employees just in the next few years.

There are certainly some trends working against Microsoft, and there’s no way it will regain its virtual monopoly in any area–but Microsoft will be a dominant player in its key industries (operating systems, browsers, office productivity, game consoles, etc.) for the foreseeable future.

Check out this IT KnowledgeExchange blog post by Tony Bradley, principal analyst at Bradley Strategy Group, for a closer look at just how wrong Adam Hartung is about the future of Microsoft.

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