Review: McAfee Vulnerability Scanner

One of the services Bradley Strategy Group (and its predecessor, S3KUR3) performs is to conduct internal product reviews. A couple years ago, Tony Bradley, principal analyst with Bradley Strategy Group, was given an opportunity to work with the McAfee Vulnerability Scanner tool. The results of the review were compiled into a white paper for McAfee.

The products isn’t for every organization. McAfee is a respected brand in computer and network security, and McAfee products are generally very good at their intended tasks–but they’re also often too complex, or too costly for many small and medium businesses. For any organization already invested in McAfee security products, though–especially organizations already using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator as a central framework for managing the security infrastructure, McAfee Vulnerability Scanner is a natural extension of the security capabilities, and makes sense.

Check out our review of McAfee Vulnerability Scanner by downloading and reading the white paper. The white paper is free, but does require filling in some basic information on the McAfee site in order to download it.

Disclaimer: This is a white paper that was commissioned by McAfee. While McAfee paid for my time and effort in reviewing the product and preparing the white paper, the results of the review and opinions expressed in the white paper are my own.

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